Triskell Software: Bringing Agile and SaaS Together in PPM

Angel Garcia, CEO
Back in the day, when agile methodologies and frameworks were taking the project management world by storm, Angel Garcia and two of his colleagues— working closely with the PPM vendors at big shot enterprises—were quick to realize that companies needed to think outside the traditional inflexible methodologies.

The trio also realized the reluctance among the companies to adapt to the new SaaS and agile technologies in spite of the advantages they offer in seamless completion of tasks. While the pace of change continued to accelerate in businesses, the need for flexibility and responsiveness in project portfolio management (PPM) gave them the impetus to lay the foundation of Triskell Software. With an aim to present a clear picture of an organization and its resources, Triskell Software has developed a SaaS PPM software that focuses on driving the right decisions pertaining to projects.

“One of the major challenges in the project portfolio management for businesses is to possess the capability of combining all technologies into a single platform,” observes Garcia, CEO, Triskell Software. Besides benefiting the clients with Agile Scrum, Agile Lean, as well as Safe Agile, the Triskell PPM solution assists clients in faster delivery of projects and become more flexible in order to be adaptable to the users.

Garcia compares their expertise in PPM to the purpose of toy bricks. Similar to the toy bricks, which are put together in a consistent pattern in order to create a structure, Triskell effectively combines and manages several projects together by leveraging its PPM platform. “Our SaaS PPM is specifically designed to assess the clients’ strategic goals and outcomes, followed by outlining their milestones,” explains Garcia. Triskell provides multiple solutions including agile and waterfall along with four project management office (PMOs) management. In addition, Triskell’s Account managers handle projects on behalf of the clients leveraging the solutions and assist in reaping huge benefits.

Following a simple onboarding process, Triskell develops a partnership with major transformation consulting companies in order to manage multiple portfolios. To eliminate miscommunication while managing projects, Triskell engages with all partners from the beginning of the projects.
For clients not looking for change management, the company offers a short-term remote program continuing for six months or a year, where clients are encouraged to upscale one of the solutions and experience the results.

Our SaaS PPM is specifically designed to assess the clients’ strategic goals and outcomes, followed by outlining their milestones

Catering majorly to Forbes Global 2000 companies, Triskell boasts of a broad clientele across insurance, banking, retail, energy and many other industries. “While serving clients, we often experience the change in the customer demands— modern customers expect better usability and better user experience,” observes Garcia. Customers are more aware of their requirements, which is definitely a factor in the industrial transformation, Garcia adds. Triskell helps clients achieve this by providing PPM tools in all levels of the organization, thereby ensuring satisfaction to the users both in the top management as well as the end-users who maintain the tools at regular intervals.

In an instance, Triskell assisted Auchan Retail in formalizing their project portfolio management along with an appropriate enterprise strategy. The client was in need to drive a set of service of support (for all countries) to guarantee coherence and effectiveness. With structuring and management of the execution of proofs of transformation and minimum viable product, test and learn approach, Triskell ensured coherence between Auchan Retail International strategic vision and declension in 16 territories. Deploying Triskell’s PPM platform, Auchan succeeded in retaining around 2500 customers across 16 countries. The platform has also allowed them to enhance their IS/IT services and support ARI WW transformation.

Having tasted success in developing an array of products, the company is enjoying a 40 percent revenue growth and a wide customer attention across countries. “Triskell will also be launching newer versions of its Kanban Board software in early 2019 besides expanding its footprints in the US,” concludes Garcia.

Triskell Software

Madrid, Spain

Angel Garcia, CEO

Provides a new platform using the most modern technology, with the clear advantage in pure SaaS solution and focus on usability, flexibility and performance

Triskell Software