Trulioo: A Single Platform for Digital Identity Verification

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Steve Munford, CEO
Today’s innovative technologies push boundaries and make it easier for businesses to use digital identity verification, enabling them to adopt these solutions to protect themselves from online criminals, fraudulent transactions, non-compliance fines, and reputational loss. These solutions help businesses enhance customer experience and bring convenience by eliminating the need for physical presence.

However, people’s identities and reputations are built around different sources of truth, like government sources, credit bureaus, and consumer files, called signals. These signals establish the trusted identity of an individual locally in a single country, state, or province. Since every country or state operates uniquely within its borders, there is a need for a platform that can aggregate these local signals and allow businesses to verify digital identity. Especially when an organization operates across many countries, it is difficult to understand each region’s digital identity authentication methods and establish partnerships with solution providers.

A provider of automated, easily adaptable digital identity verification solutions, Trulioo resolves this challenge with its comprehensive suite of identity verification solutions. It is a premier global platform for identity services and data sources that allows businesses to meet anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC) and know your business (KYB) regulatory requirements. By providing secure access to more than five billion identities, the platform helps clients establish identity authentication and stay compliant with regulations of different geographic regions.

“Our mission is to deliver a global platform that builds trust between the service providers and their consumers with digital identity authentication,” says Steve Munford, CEO, Trulioo.

Trulioo has been in business for over ten years and is well aware that regulatory frameworks keep changing. A true partner to its clients, the company supports them in making better decisions, from improving their processes to navigating and adhering to these changes.
The Trulioo mission of trust, privacy and inclusion is about recreating confidence in the modern digital economy. With Trulioo, businesses can connect to a single portal or API for accessing the necessary identity-related data across the globe.It enables them to reliably obtain data often structured in different ways, languages, and character sets in real-time and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize match rates during onboarding.

For example, Trulioo supported a multi-asset social investing platform, eToro, in expanding worldwide. The client wanted an agile solution that would ensure seamless identity verification to help them expand quickly to new markets while meeting strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our mission is to deliver a global platform to build trust between the service providers and their consumers with digital identity authentication

Trulioo delivered a robust marketplace of over 400 data sources to achieve eToro’s match rate objectives and seamless onboarding experience for users. This had been instrumental in eToro’s quick expansion to seven countries and eventually to 22 countries in just one year.

eToro’s rapid expansion demonstrates how Trulioo can enable businesses to time-efficiently establish and start verifying individuals in new countries. As an expert in identity solutions and a trusted partner, Trulioo serves a vast range of clients, from Fortune 500s to medium and large enterprises across many sectors, including banking, cryptocurrency, forex, gaming, wealth management, e-commerce, and retail.

“We invest more in customer success than in sales. Instead of focusing on acquiring more clients, we concentrate on supporting the existing ones to help them grow their business and achieve vision and compliance,” adds Munford.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Steve Munford, CEO

Trulioo offers a robust and comprehensive global identity verification solution to help businesses meet their AML and KYC identity verification requirements by providing secure access to over 5 billion identities worldwide. Its platform helps companies establish identity authentication and stay in compliant with identity regulations of different geographic regions.