UILA: Application- Centric Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring & Analytics

Chia-Chee Kuan, Co-founder & CEO Data center architecture has evolved dramatically in recent years, enabling IT to effectively run large-scale, distributed, multi-tier applications across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Although this evolution offers tremendous operational and business advantages for enterprises, the virtualized infrastructure often plagues IT teams with little or no visibility into their infrastructure, hampering their ability to trace the lines between infrastructure and application performance. IT staff often spend hours, trying to figure out the root cause of application or service downtime, jumping from one tool to another, without much success. Uila brings a revolutionary solution to solve this challenge, empowering datacenter infrastructure and application teams to effectively analyze and automatically correlate application performance to infrastructure root-cause within seconds.

“Uila recognizes that there is no one-dimensional solution to the challenges in application performance management,” says Chia- Chee Kuan, co-founder and CEO, Uila, Inc. Using Uila’s solution, businesses can perform an array of tasks like storage management, web server management, and gain a granular view of transactions under the support of a data center.

Full Stack Visibility

“A typical data center houses 3000 application servers. Application Performance Management (APM) is directly correlated to these application servers. We connect the dots in application performance management,” says Kuan. The existing tools in the market are designed with the focus on application developers and owners. Here, Uila breaks the norm and tailors the management process for the users. “We provide full-stack, application-centric Infrastructure analytics and root cause with millisecond precision for physical as well as highly virtualized environments that solve performance and visibility challenges across IT teams and eliminates stressful and expensive war-room finger-pointing conversations,” he adds. Through a single pane of glass, IT administrators have application visibility, and correlated network, compute, and storage insight for Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud based data centers.

We provide full-stack, application-centric Infrastructure analytics for physical as well as highly virtualized environments that solve performance and visibility challenges across IT teams

The Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics (DCIMA) platform’s performance monitoring spans across users, sites, applications, databases, virtual machines based on end user response time, as well as service levels, that are tracked constantly to determine critical issues. Along with providing actionable visibility, Uila’s application-centric infrastructure monitoring solution provides the virtual infrastructure topology and performance metrics that support VMware's ecosystems like Software- Defined Everything (SDE/SDx) and VMware NSX. Designed for easy installation and simplified maintenance, the integration with vCenter allows Uila’s solution to have a seamless, “zero-configuration” deployment without any downtime that enables organizations to accelerate their problem-solving.

Backbone of Application Performance

The core of Uila's virtual infrastructure architecture is a big data store and a patented analytics engine that correlates application to infrastructure performance metrics and helps pinpoint the performance-impacting root cause. Uila’s Virtual Smart Tap (vST) can be deployed across the datacenter with a small footprint where it promiscuously listens to all traffic traversing the virtual networks. Using its embedded Deep Packet Inspection technology, vST identifies unique applications, their attributes and measures network latency and other network performance data in the metadata form. vST passes this metadata to the Virtual Information Controller (vIC) for further processing and correlation with the infrastructure metadata. Virtual Information Controller (vIC) also plays the role of integration conduit to the data center Virtualization Management System, for example, VMware vCenter and Docker Container Enterprise Edition. The vIC retrieves infrastructure configuration as a template to build Uila monitoring domain and to streamline deployment. To understand the application deployment and behavior, Uila’s DCIMA harnesses the power of VCenter.
The company studies how businesses are manning their virtual machines, the formation of virtual machine cluster, and logical application grouping, storage device users, and holds a competitive edge over the solutions. Uila vIC collects the converged infrastructure (network, storage and compute) performance metrics that are maintained by vCenter, combines it with the application and network metadata from all deployed vSTs, and then securely transmits it to the Uila Management and Analytics System, either on-premise or in the cloud. Sitting on top of these, Uila's dashboard offers a powerful way to view the health of applications and underlying physical/ virtual infrastructure in the network. For organizations that are planning their migration strategies to the Hybrid Cloud, Uila’s agentless identification of applications and their dependencies provides the much needed critical insight to make this workload migration as smooth and problem-free as possible.

Companies across a broad range of industries from healthcare to hospitality, finance, and logistics utilize Uila's solution for supporting their virtualized infrastructures. One among them is First Tech Federal Credit Union, an $8.6 billion California-based financial institution. Having a small IT staff, First Tech’s IT was relying heavily on specialized monitoring and management tools to run their operations. The inability to see the health of datacenter in real-time or correlate application performance to datacenter infrastructure was hampering them from strategic application optimization and tuning, making it harder to identify and resolve application issues. Uila gave them the ability to correlate virtual infrastructure to application performance and pinpoint the problem cause. Faster and accurate root cause analysis of performance issues meant reduced Mean-Time-To- Repair (MTTR) of infrastructure issues affecting application performance, and consistent high uptime for First Tech.

Winning the Game of Application

Built over the robust architecture and cutting-edge practices, Uila’s DCIMA has minimal requirements for deployments. It is operable from Firefox, Chrome and other browsers and can monitor minimum 1,000 VM and physical devices. Full steam ahead, Uila, a harbinger in the realm of data center monitoring with solutions, is tirelessly pushing the envelope by provisioning a game-changing approach that leverages virtualization technology. The company’s plans are ambitious, vastly exceeding its current product line—“We are building application specific dashboards— enabling a deeper analysis into applications,” expresses Dean Au, co-founder and COO, Uila Inc. In the VMware ecosystem, the company is focusing on creating a single solution that will replace all kinds of plug-ins. Open to active partnerships, the team also plans to expand across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, to create seamless, high- performing virtualized environments. Uila aims to usher businesses into an era where the probability of application failure is zero.


Santa Clara, CA

Chia-Chee Kuan, Co-founder & CEO and Dean Au, Co-founder & COO

Offers solutions to validate the cross-application and full stack visibility that empowers organizations with accuracy and performance advantages