UltiSat: Providing High Caliber Communications for High Consequence Missions

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For organizations in government, humanitarian aid, and critical infrastructure, operations in ultra remote environments are critical to the mission. In such conditions, even a simplemisstep can put lives, national security, or billions of dollars at risk. That’s why the mission depends on robust communications and networking technology to support real-time decision making and enhance remote operational control.

However, identifying the right technologies from the plethora of options including new satellite constellations, 5G cellular services, software defined networking, cloud computing, and internet-of-things is a task easier said than done. Organizations also worry about how the networks and communications systems they utilize will withstand ever evolving cyber-security threats. Whether it is a politically motivated denial of service attack, a financially driven ransomware event, or even an “insider threat” security breach, the cyber frontier poses a whole new range of operational continuity concerns, that most people didn’t even consider just a few years ago.

This is where UltiSat steps in. UltiSat takes a mission-focused approach to tailoring the right kind of communications and networking solution for each client’s unique requirements. The company has extensive expertise in designing and implementing a range of technologies, including satellite, wireless, and terrestrial communications. “We have a passion for networking technology,” says David Myers, President and CEO of UltiSat. “We take a vendorneutral approach to bring field-proven technologies that are the best fit for the customer application.In many cases, the satellite or wireless solutions that we develop are the only form of communications available at the client site, whether that is a remote camp, ship at sea, or even an aircraft in flight.”

Unlike traditional systems integrators that serve as general contractors by simply outsourcing all of the critical elements of the solution, UltiSat owns and operates its own global network. “We are a full-service communications provider for satellite, cellular and terrestrial communications and operate our own core networks, data centers, and points-of-presence. As a result, our team is able to customize the solution and control the quality, resiliency, and security of the network,” Myers continued. Not stopping there, the company has invested in the latest tools and practices, to enable constant monitoring of the cyber-security landscape, to enable protection of both network systems and client data.

To develop a tailored solution, UltiSat draws on the capabilities of one or more of its four primary lines of business. UltiSat’s Managed Networks group builds complete end to end communications services that leverage its self owned and operated infrastructure with 24x7 operations, over 80 points of presence, access to over 30 satellites, and global service coverage including all the world’s oceans.For global travelers, UltiSat’s Wireless Solutions team provides better security, greater flexibility, and more roaming options to more than 120 countries, than traditional off-the-shelf mobile carriers.

UltiSat’sAirborne Solutions team specializes in integrating airframecertified equipment and improves in-flight connectivity for manned, unmanned, and rotary aircraft. Finally, the Engineering and Technical Services group designs, builds, and operates custom-engineered systems for a wide range of applications from a single specialized terminal,to a fleet of mobile command vehicles, to a full-scale data center.

We are an FCC-licensed communications provider for satellite,cellular and terrestrial communications and operate our own core networks. That’s why our team is able to customize the solutions and control the quality,resiliency, and security of the network

A testament to UltiSat’s success is its diverse client base, that includes a number of United Nations agencies. These agencies have been utilizing UltiSat provided remote communications solutions for nearly 15 years. In fact, the company has recently expandeda global network for the UN Refugee Relief Agency (UNHCR). This custom-built private network provides the primary voice and data communications for relief workers at more than 300 remote refugee camps across Africa, Asia, and parts of South America. The solution utilizes five different satellites and custom configured remote terminals. These broadband communications enable UN relief workers to authenticate refugees and asylum seekers and manage the logistics and supply chain of critical relief resources. The network also supports all back-office applications and enables relief workers to stay in touch with loved ones. “Some of the refugee camps are in extreme environments ravaged by war or natural disasters, so the resiliency of the communication solutions is truly critical to the UNHCR mission,” adds Myers.

Wherever the mission, UltiSat aims to make access to real-time networking easier in remote areas easier with traditional endpoint devices such as cell phones and wi-fi enabled computers. “We have strong relationships with both emerging and established manufacturers and providers, includingwithnew lowearth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations, and 5G enabled cellular networks. Incorporating these remarkable technologies into our portfolio helps create more qualified options for our customers,” adds Myers.The company is currently focusing on new applications of technologies that support the U.S. government’s initiative to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure including shipping, air travel, highways, power grids, and public utilities. “UltiSat prides itself on taking a collaborative approach with clients, colleagues, and partners. We are honored to employ our passion for communications and networking technology to support our customers’ critical missions,” concludes Myers.


Gaithersburg, MD

David Myers, President and CEO

UltiSat is a global provider of end-to-end solutions for managed networks, airborne communications, specialized global wireless, and advanced engineering services. Customers in government, humanitarian-aid, and critical infrastructure markets have unique communications requirements and greater demand for resiliency. Our portfolio includes a range of products and services leveraging satellite, terrestrial and wireless technologies, combined with in-house engineering, systems integration and global field service. Unlike many communications providers and systems integrators that outsource virtually everything, UltiSat is a facilities-based communications and network services provider that utilizes a self-managed and operated carrier-class global infrastructure. In addition to a 24 x 7 Network Operations Center, multiple teleports, and a Global Interconnect Network, known as the “GIN,” UltiSat also maintains its own in-house engineering and systems integration and fabrication facilities. UltiSat leverages a 25+ year heritage deploying solutions in over 120 countries around the world to specialize in secure communications and networking for missions of high consequence. For more information visit