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Jeff Carr, Founder & CEO
Why are almost half of ERP projects unsuccessful? Why do systems fail to meet the expectations of the stakeholders? How do companies ensure that they are not one of those statistics?

Jeff Carr and Ultra Consultants has answers to these questions.

Manufacturing technology thought leader, and Founder and CEO of Ultra Consultants, Carr is well versed with the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make an ERP project successful. “In the battle toward synchronizing the ever-expanding global workforce, half of the manufacturing and distribution industries experience ERP implementations that fail to meet project goals,” begins Carr. Having led numerous ERP evaluation, selection and implementation projects for many decades, and being in a position to optimally meet these needs, Carr steers Ultra Consultants with a goal not just to implement ERP solutions, but to improve businesses processes through a transformation of technology.

Unlike typical ERP services providers, Ultra takes an unbiased approach to delivering the perfect ERP solution that best meets the requirements of all manufacturing verticals.

Ultra delivers services that achieve sustained business process improvement, including:

Business process improvement: Ultra establishes a foundation for each enterprise technology project by analyzing issues in the current state, educating the team on best practices and constructing a future state.

Technology selection: Ultra guides teams through evaluations of technology options that have been successful in their specific industry.

Implementation: Ultra’s services focus on change management, risk management and augmenting its clients’ teams with best practices and project governance expertise.

Value realization: A critical success often overlooked upon go live, this stage is required to facilitate the realization of the benefits and business case for the project’s ROI.

Understanding the intricate difference between various process and discrete manufacturing business, Ultra avoids the conventional route of a generic ERP framework, trying to find the capability needed for specific vertical markets.
Instead, the independent company—focused on finding the right enterprise solution—offers highly specialized services teams, methodologies, and research focused on each vertical sector.

Improvements in information access, productivity, management of different assets within the company—that’s what we try to achieve time and time again

This appealing initiative enables Ultra’s clients to obtain a solution that strives to meet their organizational goals.

Ultra’s value gets highlighted in a case study where the company aided a manufacturer’s goal to double the size of their business. The client had restructured their entire business focusing on their core processes—design, sales and marketing, and supply chain. Additionally, they not only outsourced their manufacturing to Asia, but they also shut down their existing manufacturing plants and stores. Having generated $1M revenue per employee per year with 100 employees, the manufacturer approached Ultra to with the goal of doubling employees’ margins and productivity without fresh recruitment. Ultra documented the client’s current business model and identified the redundant data and process inefficiencies. The next step was to construct an ideal business state that eliminates inefficiencies and improves productivity and offer a list of handpicked solutions. Following a seamless ERP evaluation, selection and implementation based on the future state, the client witnessed a dramatic increase in their profit margins without having to increase their internal resources. “Improvements in information access, productivity, management of different assets within the company—that’s what we try to achieve time and time again,” says Carr.

Owing to its continued success in delivering best-in-class ERP solutions, Ultra boasts of sustained growth since its inception in 1994. “Our core values—honesty and integrity—make us an easy company to work with,” says Carr. Ultra is consistently recognized as a top workplace. Employees reciprocate by delivering the same experience to their clients. Being one of the top technology experts for business transformation, “We partner with manufacturing and distribution companies to further improve key service areas and methodologies across business processes,” he concludes.

Ultra Consultants

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Jeff Carr, Founder & CEO

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