UXReactor: Experience Transformation TO THRIVE IN A DIGITAL WORLD

Satyam Kantamneni, CEO People remember experiences.

How companies provide a deliberate customer experience (CX) at every touchpoint becomes the perception of a business today. A good experience inevitably increases customer advocacy and brand loyalty, whereas a negative experience often leads to poor adoption and engagement. Moreover, in a digital-first world, a great experience is the market differentiator. That’s why there’s an increasing demand for organizations to provide a better end-to-end experience for customers and enterprise users.

The numbers back this up. “Firms that provide a total experience will outperform competitors across key satisfaction metrics over the next three years,” says Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner, in the 2021 Technology Trends report. Accenture also noted the trend in a recent study: “Right now, an experience renaissance is afoot—one that is galvanizing companies to push beyond the CX philosophy and organize the whole business around the delivery of exceptional experiences. This experience renaissance is about resonating with customer or user experience and expectations, and it must be grounded in a deep understanding of user needs and journeys.

Organizations that seek to be experience-first businesses have partnered with Silicon Valley-based UXReactor—a firm believer that “great experiences don’t just happen. They are deliberately designed.”

UXReactor has carved its own space in the industry through its unique approach of orchestrating a seamless digital transformation that encapsulates all the users’ experiences in the client’s business ecosystem. The six-year-old UX design firm has been able to design interactions through a holistic and change management approach by considering organizational design, performance metrics, high empathy, and collaboration to break down the functional silos. This cohesive transformation ensures that the information, resources, and messaging users encounter across departments, internal stakeholders, processes, and technology solutions are consistent.
“Digital transformation is a must to survive, but experience transformation is a must to thrive,” says Satyam Kantamneni, Managing Partner of UXReactor. “To win in this game, businesses need an experience-first mindset, deep user understanding, and a systems approach to deliver magical experiences to customers and end-users.”

UXReactor’s holistic approach starts with understanding the system and an acute awareness of users’ needs and journeys. Having a firm grasp of the business, users, systems, and challenges, they create an Experience Roadmap for each user that matters to the business. The technique allows the team to prioritize and surface the areas where the greatest transformation is possible. They then design each nuance of the journey while keeping in mind the organization’s workflow, context, and the sequence that a user will likely follow.
To understand pain points, UXReactor also talks to users by immersing themselves in their journey. Since UXReactor caters to various industries in which end-users range from doctors and audiologists to technicians, cybersecurity professionals, CEOs, and CIOs, its emphasis is on learning the nuances of each role. This analysis helps UXReactor in gaining deep user empathy to design a better experience for them. As Kantamneni explains, “Our consultants have 19 different educational backgrounds, which means they bring to each project richly varied perspectives in orchestrating user experience and an unparalleled firepower that can solve a multitude of problems across many domains.”
There remains one major challenge: since there are multiple users and multiple departments accessing an enterprise system, how does UXReactor create a superior user experience for all? UXReactor has pioneered a PragmaticUX process that can impact its clients’ approach to product strategy and design and influence the skillsets they need to function. Distilled from 100+ years of combined experience, the process enables the paramount user experience and delivers the practices and metrics needed to maintain the system. The result is a user-focused, outcome-driven environment that helps clients sustain their competitive edge.

Of course, UXReactor also understands that end users have a variety of unique goals and obstacles. That’s why the company adopts an empathetic approach to working with its client partners.

UXReactor’s partnerships are all grounded in a deep understanding of each partner’s goals and intent, allowing the company to focus on driving meaningful outcomes. Much like the CBS reality show Undercover Boss, the team at UXReactor blends with its clients to observe them in their context and ask relevant questions. “We gain a lot of exposure and experience by understanding the system and the users and by exploring the context in which they work and thrive,” says Kantamneni.
Divulging from the usual approach of charting out a plan of action to be executed in a specific period upfront, UXReactor works with its client partners and enables them to build a sustainable system. The company can help its client partners manifest a culture of innovation by taking an outcome-driven, empathetic approach to problem-solving—one that revolves around building deep empathy for the users to bring about meaningful experience transformation.

Transformative Business Outcomes
Through its philosophy of meaningful experience transformation, UXReactor aims to impact the client’s organization by going beyond the design world and bringing about transformative business outcomes. It is this mindset that has helped UXReactor cater to myriad industries and win various accolades. UXReactor has been recognized by Inc. Magazine, which included it in the 2020 Inc. 5000 as the fastest-growing specialized UX firm in the US, and was also named to Manifest’s Top 10 UX Design Firms in San Francisco.
UXReactor’s work doesn’t stop at end-to-end experience design; the company aims to unlock the latent value of its clients through experience-centric innovation and to help in hiring and training talent and developing a culture of innovation. In a nutshell, UXReactor works to remove the bottlenecks of the industry.

One example is UXReactor’s work with Tekion. Founded by Tesla’s first and former CIO, Jay Vijayan, Tekion has the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail platform including all functionalities of a dealer management system (DMS). The company aimed to increase the ease and delight of consumer experiences in the automotive retail industry, removing long-standing problems such as cumbersome user experience, piece-mealed technologies that lack integration, antiquated manual processes, and trust issues between customers and dealerships.
Tekion was looking to disrupt the automotive retail industry and partnered with UXReactor to help bring its vision to life. Working closely with Tekion over a two-year period, UXReactor gathered multiple rounds of feedback from users throughout the industry and incorporated these insights into one intuitive system design. The team then collaborated with Tekion’s Product, Engineering, and QA teams to perform final fixes before launching the solution with actual end-users. The Tekion 2.0 go-live represented the work of 122 participants across 30 studies, resulting in a 100 percent design refresh completed in a four-week sprint cycle.

In their work together, Tekion and UXReactor reimagined user experiences, automated antiquated processes, and increased transparency to build trust between customers and dealers. Tekion is a trailblazer, and it is no surprise that the company became a unicorn in under four years.

FastCompany awarded and identified UXReactor in collaboration with Tekion as one of the 40 best companies globally for superior user experience designs out of 4,300 entries worldwide. As a Tekion leader remarked, “UXReactor is an expert in their field. They helped change the thought process we have at our organization. Bringing in that [pragmatic user-centric design] mindset was transformative in our organization.”
UXReactor’s culture gets translated at their client site. Kantamneni has built the company with an experiment-oriented approach where new challenges are seen as interesting problems to solve and experiments that need to be run. Risk-taking is encouraged, mistakes are welcomed, and the attitude of experimentation is invigorated. “We have really smart people following a really effective process in a good environment and this environment is infectious to the point that even clients start speaking our language,” says Kantamneni.

UXReactor has gained significant growth momentum, allowing it to be selective in the kind of client-partners it would like to work with. The company is on the lookout for the right problems and partners. In today’s times, how users holistically experience a brand is one of the critical aspects that can make or break an organization, and UXReactor is one trusted partner that can successfully unlock the power of experiences for businesses.


Silicon Valley, CA

Satyam Kantamneni, CEO

UXReactor specializes in experience design for complex B2B systems, helping to orchestrate a total and seamless experience across users, departments, functions, systems, and technology platforms