Versium: Accelerate Sales with Predictive Targeting

Chris Matty, CEO
Since its inception, Versium has enabled organizations worldwide to discover new opportunities to nurture productivity, growth, and innovation by harnessing the potential of big data. The firm is changing the way companies make decisions by making enterprise data and predictive modeling available to marketers and business people, in real time, and without requiring a team of specialists. The firm’s easy-to-use platform removes the need for expensive, specialized data scientists and internal data aggregation, and puts the power of predictive targeting and machine learning directly into the hands of marketers, who can create customized, high-value audiences for email, direct mail, display, mobile, and social advertising campaigns.

The company’s proprietary LifeData® warehouse contains more than a trillion online and offline data attributes including behavioral data, real time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, social-graphic details, and demographic information. “These attributes are matched to an enterprise’s CRM or other internal data sources, and used in machine learning-based models to create predictive scores that deliver specific ROI value by improving customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell and upsell marketing activities,” explains Chris Matty, CEO, Versium.

With the unique ability to analyze data using advanced analytics and machine learning technology, today the firm helps companies significantly increase their marketing and sales effectiveness by accurately predicting which customer has the greatest propensity to buy their products and services. Moreover, Versium has automated the complete process of building and using predictive models. After uploading a client’s marketing or sales lists, Versium’s platform appends the information with LifeData®, builds the models, and predicts the customer and prospect targets.

Versium offers two unique product portfolios to help organizations accelerate their B2B and B2C marketing campaigns: Predict and Datafinder. Predict allows users to leverage past transactional activity to build predictive models for different purchasing scenarios quickly. Predict automatically adds extensive LifeData® to each lead or customer within the organization’s CRM, creates predictive models, and scores the leads. This is a fully customized process designed to help each user achieve their specific business goals.

The firm helps companies significantly increase their marketing and sales effectiveness by accurately predicting which customer has the greatest propensity to buy their products and services

A key point of differentiation within Predict is the underlying data that enables it to create some the most accurate models in the industry. Datafinder is Versium’s on-demand, self-service platform that makes it simple to augment customer records with rich insights for enhanced segmentation and optimized communication.

“The key aspect across both Predict and DataFinder is that we have fully automated the underlying ETL (extract, transform, and load) processing and data modeling,” explains Matty. With Datafinder’s proprietary identity mapping engine, data is matched to existing customer records in real time allowing rich data association, including the cross mapping of professional and consumer behavioral attributes.

Versium’s predictive technology is used by large and medium enterprises as well as marketing agencies, professional services organizations, and technology platforms, such as CRM and marketing automation products. In one instance, Versium worked with a major wireless carrier for delivery of voice and data to small businesses and built a predictive model to identify the prospects most likely to sign up for their services. With Versium’s solution, the carrier experienced a 350 percent increase in its direct marketing response rate.

By offering best-in-breed analytics solutions, Versium has seen highly accelerated revenue growth during recent years. Moreover, the firm has been recognized by major market research firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and Ovum for its transformative role in marketing. With the ultimate aim to bring efficiency to sales and marketing professionals worldwide, Versium is also expanding internationally.


Redmond, WA

Chris Matty, CEO

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