Verve: Empowering Location-Rich Consumer Experiences

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Mark Fruehan, EVP, Enterprise and Platforms
In the wake of immense e-commerce proliferation, retailers are finding it challenging to drive buyers to physical stores, and are looking for innovative ideas to grow their consumer base. Verve, a company that specializes in leveraging location-data technologies, is helping brand marketers and retailers by providing them with means to identify consumer preferences based on their location and the first-party permissions-granted personal information they opt-in to share, serving those shoppers increasingly relevant mobile ads based on their movement, behaviors, and preferences. In addition to employing cutting-edge location-based tech, Verve empowers advertisers to gather and make the best use of consumer data from and through a plethora of devices and first-party premium data points. The company engages with consumers across not only mobile phones, but a spectrum of screens, including connected TV, digital out of home, and with its January 2019 announcement of a new partnership with HERE, Verve expects to build further inroads to IoT and in-automobile digital as well. To foreground consumer data privacy and security, and to keep fraudsters at bay, Verve ensures first-party brand safe environments with reliable data protection. The company is leading the way with industry standard solutions that are quick, precise, and highly relevant to enterprises in the retail landscape.

With Verve’s offerings, the company can even leverage data to analyze and to anticipate what a consumer is going to do next, and what will inspire them. “We are going to drive persistently and be a player in the industry, and we are going to build upon that trust, and our experience in the industry,” says Mark Fruehan, Executive Vice President, Enterprise and Platforms, at Verve. “For retailers, claiming turf is about identifying moments to make meaningful contact with now and future customers. We do that by understanding what they love the most, and permissions-granted data help show us what those things are and will be.”

Data analytics plays a massive role in the future of the local and hyperlocal advertising space, and retailers are looking to take full advantage of its capabilities.

We are going to drive persistently and be a player in the industry, and we are going to build upon that trust, and our experience in the industry

Consumer data, however, especially in the often-uncontrolled third-party exchanges, can be filled with noise. The technology that Verve deploys cleanses all third-party data that campaigns do leverage for scale, ensuring that only premium-level, de-duped, and safety-assured information drives an advertiser’s campaign. “We specialize in cutting through the noise, getting to the signal,” states Fruehan. “Knowing our partners and how demanding they are, I always foresee them wanting more signal, more relevance, and to stay ahead of that demand we are always innovating.”

Pursuant to innovation, with the announcement of the launch of 5G technology, Fruehan said the team at Verve is excited to develop and provide next-generation mobile experiences. Speed and bandwidth are the names of the game for any data-reliant technology, and 5G’s data-speeds and capacities will allow for increasingly immersive and responsive experiences for consumers. Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are amongst what Verve is looking to incorporate to enhance their mobile offerings. Beyond the on-screen experience, the accuracy and precision with which mobile marketers can target, reach, and analyze campaigns will improve thanks to 5G as well. With its consumer-centric business model, Verve is fostering exactly these kinds of rich and robust dialogues, putting the mobile user at the center of the brand conversation and bringing its own extraordinary experience to bear within the market place — a decade-plus in the making — to stay steps ahead of their competitors as the 5G future arrives.


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Mark Fruehan, EVP, Enterprise and Platforms and Tom Kenney, CEO

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