VisiQuate: The Intersection of Healthcare and Analytics

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Brian Robertson is an intense evangelist for applying the power of advanced analytics to improve the business and clinical practices of healthcare. With years of expertise in the healthcare sector, he co-founded MedeAnalytics, a company that used Business Intelligence to solve providers’ revenue cycle problems. In 2009, Robertson saw the potential of advanced analytics and founded VisiQuate, an advanced analytics technology and service company that helps clients achieve peak business health through yield improvement and cost optimization. One of the company’s first solutions, Denial Management Analytics, addressed a major pain point in healthcare. Nearly 40 percent of active claims are in some stage of clinical or administrative denial, which adversely affects yield and time to revenue.

VisiQuate resolves issues like this by analyzing the full spectrum of things that can create problems in the denied claim cycle, including segmenting the payers into groups who either are paying, not paying, slowly paying, partially paying, or denying to pay. The company then develops mitigation and resolution strategies through advanced root cause analysis, risk scoring, and smart workflow and work listing solutions, all designed to improve yield and optimize cost per claim.

To solve a broader set of problems, VisiQuate offers Revenue Management Analytics, which integrates clients’ data sets to get a complete picture of their total accounts receivable. Among other things, this reduces A/R, increases cash, reduces bad debt and denials, tracks and increases collector productivity, and eliminates systemic defects.

The company also offers Patient Access Performance Analytics, which improves operations at the front end of the revenue cycle, covering eligibility, registration, coordination of benefits, and more. When an enterprise analytics client approaches VisiQuate, the company effectively becomes the client’s analytics department by offering daily actionable insights as a service. As Robertson remarks, “VisiQuate tailors personalized analytics solutions to the unique needs of the enterprise, such as strategic imperatives, tactical objectives, compliance, standard key performance indicators, and more. Our solutions help a full spectrum of people, from patients to registrars, billers, collectors, case managers, and analysts, as well as the C-Suite and Board.”

VisiQuate tailors personalized analytics solutions to the unique needs of the enterprise, such as strategic imperatives, tactical objectives, compliance, standard key performance indicators, and more

VisiQuate has many of its enterprise clients grown through acquisition, who have a number of disparate Health Information Systems such as Cerner, Epic, Meditech, and even homegrown systems. Whether the data source is their HIS, patient records, or third party data sets, the company ingests, normalizes, cleanses, and enriches all the data to make it actionable. To make the data more valuable, they offer a complete Healthcare Consumer Longitudinal Record that unifies big data silos across the enterprise.
Robertson says VisiQuate can find a growing body of solutions for macro or micro problems through crowdsourcing, which lets the company curate shared knowledge. He says, “We pull client experiences together on a regular basis through a variety of media to share knowledge and best practices.” VisiQuate continues to embed this shared knowledge into its solutions, and issues a constant stream of updates on a regular basis.

Besides its technology, Robertson sees the get-stuff-done, blue-collar culture of VisiQuate as vitally important. The company is on the people side of the healthcare industry, so their employees are committed to acting more like true partners than as vendors. Moving into the 20s, VisiQuate considers there is a tremendous opportunity for clients to reach the next level of the business analytics maturity curve, where analytics lead directly to true dollarized value, intelligent process automation takes the waste out of the system, and the overall result is greater bottom-line effectiveness.


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VisiQuate’s user-friendly end-to-end revenue cycle management and analytics solutions let virtually anyone in a healthcare organization explore complex data from multiple sources to quickly gain insights and create actionable workflows. This ability helps clients improve yield, optimize cost efficiencies, and dramatically improve the quality and velocity of decision making. Ana, VisiQuate’s cognitive learning platform and interactive, automated data assistant, provides proactive alerts and uses natural language chats that are powered by AI, ML, and informed by crowdsourced data. Amplifying the power of the advanced analytics is the collective experience of industry domain leaders who constantly share knowledge and best practices