VitalPBX: Revolutionizing Business Communication through Award-Winning PBX

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Joseph Montes, Channel Manager
Cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) or voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems with the capacity to make calls-over-the internet have transformed the way businesses communicate.

A crucial architect empowering this shift is VitalPBX, an award-winning PBX system, which supports clients in quickly and intuitively connecting with their customers, stakeholders, and partners. The system is a unified communications platform that includes VoIP, conference calling, interactive voice response (IVR), and more. It is based on Asterisk—a free and open-source framework for building communications applications—developed by a team of people with great engrained in telephony, with extensive expertise in proprietary and open-source telephone systems. The solution can be installed on any physical hardware on-site or deployed as a host application in the cloud to support clients in revolutionizing their PBX experience by eliminating multiple expensive deployments.

VitalPBX can be easily deployed in cloud environments for the perfect remote work solution, allowing anyone to access it from wherever they are located and easily manage it. It also offers VitXi, a web-based real-time communication (RTC) softphone that delivers high-performance audio and video calls, easy and intuitive call transferring, and secure file sharing, all directly through your web browser.

“We are cloud-ready from day one. Our remote work tools enable businesses to reduce latency and establish a quality session that allows any connected device on any network to be a web communication end-point,” says Joseph Montes, channel manager of VitalPBX.

A signature offering by VitalPBX is the Sonata Suite, which comprises a set of applications that support enterprise and call center customers in managing their interactions through a reliable and feature-rich platform. This premium suite includes five applications, namely Sonata switchboard, Sonata recordings, Sonata stats, Sonata billing, and the recently developed Sonata dialer, which combine to deliver a broad environment for users to leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the PBX.

The Sonata switchboard monitors live calls and manages all aspects of incoming and outgoing calls, making it suitable for enterprises to boost their communication efficiencies. Sonata recordings assist enterprises in improving the quality of customer interactions by allowing them to share recordings through an interactive portal. It catalogs calls using color flags, reference numbers, and notes to facilitate easier management.
VitalPBX also provides a full-call accounting application, Sonata Billing, which allows businesses to better manage their call expenses, while Sonata Stats gives full queues and agent reports for a call center. The newest addition, Sonata dialer, is an outbound contact center software that increases productivity and decreases downtime by providing agents with the information, tools, and guidance to control the dialing process and interact with more people every hour.

Besides the Sonata Suite, VitalPBX offers an array of add-on module services like multi-tenant PBX solutions, queues callback, and more. Furthermore, through its class-of-service modules, businesses can group similar networking channels, including email, streaming video, voice-over IP, and extensive document file transfer, giving each class customized service priority. At the same time, VitalPBX’s least-cost routing capability allows low-cost long-distance calls while its multi-tenant software enables a stable and scalable platform that offers high-performance communication.

Furthermore, VitalPBX offers outstanding support services, consistently delivering professional support packages and facilitating organizations to conduct remote sessions with its numerous support engineers using Zoom or Anydesk connections. It provides one-on-one sessions with support engineers to address client issues at their convenience.

Our remote work tools enable businesses to reduce latency and establish a quality session that allows any connected device on any network to be a web communication end-point

Since its inception, VitalPBX has sparked numerous success stories powered by its ability to make quick tweaks based on feedback. One client engagement involved VitalPBX helping a large corporation with consumers in various time zones boost their communications. The original VitalPBX multi-tenant system implementation had every client team use a standard time zone for their operations. After approaching VitalPBX with this hurdle, it upgraded the feature set to let each tenant use different time zones and boost the management of multiple companies through one installation.

VitalPBX continues to be the fastest-growing PBX system through its expertise in fusing conventional telephone systems with cutting-edge telecommunications capabilities. VitalPBX aims to bring affordable, flexible, and highly scalable PBX solutions to fulfill existing and future telecom needs.


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Joseph Montes, Channel Manager

VitalPBX is a Unified Communications PBX System based on Asterisk. It is a complete platform that can be installed on the physical hardware on the site or as a hosted application, allowing its clients to manage their PBX easily and intuitively.