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Greg Erikson, Head of Product, North America
The contact center domain has seen rapid growth during the pandemic and is still growing as more businesses are shifting to hybrid work environments. Providing exceptional customer service for inbound calls, and running outbound sales campaigns requires companies to have full control of their contact center operations.

This is where Voiso steps in. Voiso CCaaS platform amplifies the voice of a customer and empowers contact center agents to perform at their best. It allows contact center leaders to optimize their resources and meet customers’ expectations.

“A contact center could be either sales-oriented or customer care-oriented, and there are important differences between the two applications. We have solutions for both,” says Greg Erikson, head of product, North America, Voiso.

For sales, Voiso offers an AI-powered Predictive Dialer that gives outbound teams an unparalleled advantage in productivity. It adjusts to the client’s pace and helps utilize all contact center resources in the most productive and efficient way.

On the customer care front, Voiso enables contact center leaders to have complete visibility into agents’ performance via live reports on their activities. Whether your customers contact you via omnichannel (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.), or call the support line, rest assured that every interaction is captured and could be analyzed for improvements.

“Savvy customer experience leaders realize that impeccable customer care provides a clear competitive advantage and strengthens customer loyalty. That’s why we’ve developed tools for contact center leaders to fine-tune customer journeys and connect customers with agents who are best capable of handling specific requests,” says Erikson.

Voiso contact center is a cloud-based solution that clients can set up in just a few hours.
Its scalability allows clients to quickly increase or reduce the number of agents working remotely or in the office, and quickly ramp up contact center operations when expanding their geographic presence. Because Voiso is built on microservices architecture, clients can deploy customized contact centers at a much lower cost when compared to any other contact center solution providers.

Case in point, BlueCalls, a Philippines-based BPO call center, approached Voiso as their incumbent vendor could not provide international mobile connections. This negatively impacted the bottom line and caused customer dissatisfaction. Voiso team of dedicated engineers fixed BlueCalls’ problem by enabling call termination on Singapore mobile numbers in just one day. Additionally, with the real-time dashboards, the client could now track their own KPIs, including average wait time, talk time, and effective answer score. As a result, BlueCalls improved its client retention rate and profit margin.

we’ve developed contact center tools for outbound-oriented and inbound-oriented contact centers that help drive revenue for sales teams and enhance customer experience by routing callers to the agent who is best capable of handling specific customer requests

“Voiso has a policy of providing very detailed, 24/7 support to our clients as a part of any package, including the Start-Up license plan. Our support and onboarding teams are there for you in a group chat, always ready to support you,” says Erikson.


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Greg Erikson, Head of Product, North America

Voiso offers a contact center platform that enables call center managers to build, implement and manage call center environments without investing in special hardware. Voiso CCaaS provides a set of flexible tools to build custom call flows, and powerful real-time dashboards to identify and correct unproductive agent behavior