VSBLTY: Revolutionizing In-Store Experiences with Intelligent Digital Displays

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VSBLTY Computer Vision can identify anonymized age, gender, and sentiment at the “moment of truth”, at shelf, where 75% of all brand purchase decisions are made.

Retailers nationwide are seeing customers enthusiastically returning to stores after more than two years. Online platforms filled the need of the market in the interim, but as shoppers now begin transitioning from online shopping back to brick-andmortar stores, they expect their in-store experiences to be as equally tech-driven and personalized as digital ones.

Unfortunately, most physical stores lack the technology infrastructure and expertise to provide an experience that can rival their online counterparts. To become more relevant in today’s marketplace, retailers must go beyond selling products and focus on providing distinctive and branded in-store experiences to customers. This vision of developing more meaningful shopping experiences for customers is driving the need to invest in retail media and leverage data analytics and IoT solutions designed to digitize brick-and-mortar stores.

Addressing this need is VSBLTY, a groundbreaking retail and security software technology company.

Founded in 2015, VSBLTY specializes in offering immersive edge and cloud-enabled digital display solutions to retailers, helping augment the guest experience and leaving a lasting brand impression on customers. The company leverages its vast computer vision and artificial intelligence expertise to provide brands and retailers with deep customer engagement with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by demographic, identity, or sentiment. Providing this immersive, personalized shopping experience enables retailers to attract more customers.

“Our technology measures media impressions directly at the point-of-sale and validates them to deliver impactful customer experiences,” says Linda Rosanio, Co-Founder and COO of VSBLTY.

This is in stark contrast to other retail media channels, such as billboards and television commercials that create passive media impressions or barely make meaningful impressions. VSBLTY uses Store as a Medium (SaaM) to calculate media impressions and engagement at the point-of-sale and efficiently translate that into brand and sales-building opportunities. By enabling stores to monetize various hotspots in the building— cooler doors, entryway or end-of-aisle—the company enables brands and retailers to deliver exciting and meaningful customer experiences seamlessly and conveniently, while at the same time generating new revenue for the retailer.

Actional Insights At Retail

VSBLTY’s state-of-the-art in-store display technology uses facial detection and AI to recognize features such as age, gender, and emotions of a shopper. The solution helps gain insights into customer demographics and the way they dwell and interact with touchscreens, QR codes and other digital content, enabling brands to create personalized experiences. Shoppers can be informed about the product that best suits their needs without overwhelming them with copious amounts of non-relevant information—as is the case with typical in-store display solutions. Helping shoppers make informed decisions with personalized content is ideal, as it enhances customer experiences and greatly increases retail sales.

For example, VSBLTY ran a pilot project at a CVS Pharmacy, where VSBLTY's solution was instrumental in educating prospective buyers that they were indeed suffering from allergies and not a common cold. The expert brand team helped VSBLTY create a quiz that helped customers to determine whether their symptoms were associated with allergies, while the system then suggested medication for their condition. It also deployed a highly dynamic display that reported the actual pollen count in that community. This ability to customize messaging in real-time to boost customer engagement makes VSBLTY an important catalyst that is helping to transform today’s retail industry.
A Complete Suite of Retail Solutions

VSBLTY’s two product offerings— VisionCaptor and DataCaptor—are specifically designed to revolutionize the retail space. DataCaptor is an analytics powerhouse that uses camera and sensor technology through AI tools to measure customer parameters and perform realtime analytics and audience assessment.

It can count unique visitors, dwell time and what and how long customers are engaged with specific content.

DataCaptor is often used with VisionCaptor, a versatile content management system that can deliver proximity-aware brand messaging—a unique differentiator for VSBLTY. These offerings can be combined with digital displays to trigger content based on customer proximity and provide insights including age, gender, and identity (opt-in) on the customer’s in-store journey. Recently, VisionCaptor and DataCaptor were leveraged to showcase product videos and marketing content for four champagne brands on a cooler door, which proved to be successful in attracting customers, providing valuable information and increasing sales.

Our technology measures media impressions directly at the point-of-sale and validates them to deliver impactful customer experiences

An Extension to Meet Security Needs

VSBLTY Vector is a software module that assists with security requirements. The software uses a curated database to make cameras smarter and identify threats such as persons of interest and even weapons while immediately alerting the appropriate authority. In a real-world scenario, VSBLTY Vector is combined with RADARApp—a social platform integrating citizens, local police and technology—to assist each other in high crime rate communities in Mexico. VSBLTY Vector, paired with the RADARApp, was able to convert all the neighborhood cameras into “smart cameras” capable of identifying people of interest. Additionally, security personnel could alert and report anything suspicious to the local authority within seconds. After installing these devices, the crime rate plummeted by 48 percent over two years. In addition, community members reported feeling much safer.

Redefining measurement in-store, VSBLTY DataCaptorTM can measure ad views, impressions, and other invaluable analytics while programmatic ads are served up to digital screens in a variety of unique form factors including coolers, shelf strips, headers, and traditional screens.

With such impactful applications, VSBLTY recognizes that its technology has the potential to improve people’s lives, whether it makes them more secure or helps them choose the best product for their needs.

Above all, VSBLTY has innovation and tenacity in its genes and can transform the way brick-and-mortar businesses operate. A testament to this is its ongoing work on the development of a platform in collaboration with Intel. The company’s new platform will be capable of aggregating all data points together in a single location, helping significantly scale media networks and facilitate programmatic advertising. Together with its computer vision expertise, the platform will allow for adding context to a bid in an open real-time bidding (RTB) process. This is ideal as programmatic advertising is slowly finding its space in brick-and-mortar stores.


Philadelphia, PA

Linda Rosanio, Co-Founder and COO

VSBLTY combines its technological know-how with AI, ML, and computer vision to help retailers reimagine how to improve customer experiences in-store. The firm leverages immersive edge and cloud-enabled digital display solutions to help businesses leave a lasting brand impression on their consumers.