vTECH io: Ensuring Customized and Secure Education Solutions for Student Success

Jennifer McDaniel, Education Solutions
Recently, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) was affected by a ransomware attack—one of the biggest breaches in the education sector—which indicates technology can either be an asset or a liability for an educator. Hackers stole and leaked a 500GB trove of data, disrupting LAUSD’s access to applications, emails, and computer systems. These episodes warrant the need for solutions in the sector to protect critical academic data.

Answering this purpose is vTECH io, an enterprise technology company with a portfolio of education and cyber security solutions for schools. The firm introduces clients to innovative solutions for business problems, installations, knowledge transfers, support, and managed services.

“We learn the goals and pain points of each school and createa technology roadmap to improve student outcomes,” says Chris McDaniel, vice president of sales at vTECH io.

Given the distributed nature of school networks and volume of users with varying technical skills and devices, cyber security is a significant challenge in the education sector. vTECH io provides security assessments like penetration tests, network vulnerability assessments, and web scans to identify vulnerabilities and build a security roadmap aligned with the CIS Critical Security Controls. After laying out the roadmap, the firm works on bringing the school’s environment to zero-trust architecture.

vTECH io ensures multiple security and education solutions and services for K-12 students that include safe infrastructure to support synchronous and asynchronous learning, secure education accessories, and professional learning services.

The team at vTECH io consists of former educators, led by Jennifer McDaniel, who offers more than 17 years of teaching experience in over six states. Jennifer’s team possess’ an in-depth understanding of each school’s education solution objectives, giving them the credibility to help other educators leverage these solutions for a student’s success.

vTECH io also augments the school’s staff through customized Education-Managed Services offerings to support day-to-day technology and IT management needs.
The company provides a world-class solution for campus security, allowing them to quickly lock down and immediately notify and dispatch local authorities and first responders.

vTECH io believes in providing clients with more than just generic solutions and works with them to develop customized solutions. Being a firm with a local presence, it visits clients on-site every month and trains educators to unlock the full potential of various tools.

Now, admin and teachers can get help instantaneously for security or medical events and the system even notifies and dispatches local police when required.

vTECHio’s success can be attributed to the longevity of its relationships with clients. The firm initially helps schools in addressing minor challenges, and gradually assists them with other IT initiatives and cyber threats.

Over the years, the firm has assisted numerous schools in attaining long-term success and campus security. For instance, a ranked charter school in Florida needed to protect their students and staff and notify authorities about campus-wide security threats. vTECH io is a partner, integrator, and installer for a badge-based solution that helped the school tackle this issue required by Alyssa's Law. Now, admin and teachers can get help instantaneously for security or medical events and the system even notifies and dispatches local police when required.

Besides education solutions, vTECH io organizes quarterly ed-tech forums, a gathering for educators in the local area, allowing them to discuss their concerns and issues. These forums help numerous schools find financial aid. For instance, a charter school wanted funding to upgrade their entire data center infrastructure. After attending the forum, they learned about e-rate funding and created a roadmap to fund a consultant and support their growth initiatives.

Carrying a great deal of experience and immense core values, vTECH io turns complex technology into simple solutions that can benefit clients. A technology partner like vTECH io can assist every educational institute effectively utilize edtech solutions to maximize the learning potential of students.

vTECH io

Naples, FL

Jennifer McDaniel, Education Solutions

vTECH io is an IT consulting and services firm that offers secure, efficient, and customizable education solutions for schools. The firm also assists schools to utilize these solutions for student success.