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Alfredo Ramirez, President & CEO The winter of 2015 saw more than 100 feet of snow dumped on Northeastern cities, like Boston and New York. These blizzard conditions disrupted the lives of many commuters and office-goers making travel hazardous and workdays unpredictable. While many employees elected to work from home for weeks, communicating via jittery voice over internet protocol (VoIP) lines and audio and video (AV) conference lines set up by similarly incapacitated IT teams was less than desirable.

Cimpress (formerly Vistaprint), a leading mass customization company, faced a precarious choice: lose several working days or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing new conferencing licenses and bridge capacity to satiate the weather-related surge in demand in their U.S. offices.

The two-person UC team at Cimpress used vAnalytics, the multi-vendor collaboration environment monitoring and analytics solution by Vyopta, to study their entire UC network across 23 geographical locations and learned that there was a third alternative. Cimpress was able to satisfy the temporary needs in their Northeastern offices by reallocating licenses, session border controllers, and bridge capacities from their offices in Europe and APAC, saving them time and thousands of dollars.

Vyopta, an Austin-based SaaS company, empowers enterprises to manage—in a unified view—the quality, reliability, adoption and security of their UC collaboration and communications investments. Alfredo Ramirez, President and CEO of Vyopta, notes that the unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) landscape has gone through remarkable changes in the last few years (or even the last few months). Business-transformational initiatives shared by CIOs and their C-suite peers alike call for a global-first business landscape. This has put greater emphasis on UC and collaboration tools in all levels of organizations. And yet, there isn’t a clear winning solution from a single vendor; instead, enterprises leverage a wide variety of tools for different application areas within their workplace collaboration and for customer interactions.

Multi-vendor, hybrid UC environments are on the rise as demand for richer end user experiences with collaboration technologies grows. Remote workers and international teams looking to reduce travel expenses, and a growing desire for face-time collaboration means that traditional phone calls no longer suffice as a means of communication.

Vyopta empowers enterprises to manage—in a unified view—the quality, reliability, adoption and security of their UC collaboration and communications investments.

Given that a higher number of users require a greater assortment of technologies in a wider variety of locations, the role of the IT professional has rapidly evolved. The separate specializations of desktop apps, mobile and cloud disappear, as organizations seek deft technicians who can transfer seamlessly between these collaboration technologies.

Today’s technologies are more streamlined than ever. In fact, multi-vendor boundaries are much easier to manage than ever before. But with conditions. The key is actually getting a comprehensive view of the entire environment. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t see. Creating a centralized way to monitor your UC environment is not an easy task, but, with the right partner and a plan, you can create an optimal lens on your entire environment.

“We don’t just offer a toolset, we deliver a methodology,” explains Ramirez. “Our commitment of ROI analytics and assurance monitoring extends beyond the software to the service we provide for our customers, as well.” In a market where typical monitoring tools and call record reporting tools fail to see across platforms, Vyopta combines both of these with advanced analytics and intuitive data visualizations of your entire UC environment. Such ingenuity provides UC teams with a bird’s eye view and bull’s-eye troubleshooting capabilities to enhance their collaboration and communication systems operations, efficiency and productivity.

The vAnalytics platform helps UC teams gain visibility into their entire collaboration environment to identify and foster adoption on an individualized basis. Using big data technology, Vyopta captures intricate details of usage for each user account in software platforms like Jabber and Skype for Business, and virtual meeting room host accounts like WebEx and Zoom. By tallying such collaboration assets and even devices associated with different users, the UC architects and engineers are given comprehensive knowledge of adoption in support of their business transformational goals.

In addition, within the utilization dimension of the vAnalytics’ tool, resources can be allocated and reallocated depending on the insights provided by the platform, with an overall view of employee productivity versus the investments made in collaboration by the enterprise.
To this end, Vyopta’s advanced analytics visualization capabilities help UC teams quickly comprehend and act on the insights made available by the collated data, making change management in the collaboration environment much easier.

The platform solution not only monitors the entire collaboration environment and its nuances but also helps the support teams identify issues and address them systematically. By automating the collection, processing, and correlation of data streaming from various interest areas and endpoints, the reporting and alert features help the teams quickly triangulate causes and resolve issues to support mission-critical scenarios like conducting important meetings with potential customers, investors and partners.

Organizations that invested in transformational initiatives aim to achieve business insights that help them make smarter, faster decisions that drive productivity. To fully support the goals of transformational organizations, leaders have turned to vAnalytics in support.

It’s a Small World After All

Working in a reinforcing synergy with leading manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the collaboration technology space, Vyopta constantly improves its cloud-based solution to suit the evolving needs of its customers. It now aims to increase its coverage to all the major collaboration platforms used across the world to further strengthen the prescriptive capabilities and data quality associated with vAnalytics. In addition to these enhancements, Vyopta also offers benchmarking consultancy and annual assessments that across your entire collaboration ecosystems (voice, video, collaboration, messaging, sharing) to improve decisions based on business insights for technology investments.

Ramirez notes that in light of organizations becoming truly global and engaging both full-time employees and contractors, the true potential of AV conferencing, instant messaging (IM) services, and other communication tools is being realized at a rapid pace. This macro trend applies to organizations of any size, and even with Vyopta—its teams from different cities across North America and other continents extensively utilize communication and collaboration platforms to synchronize their development efforts.

“Our teams truly believe in the value of collaboration being transformational to businesses around the world,” summarizes Ramirez. “Our product further advances this positive transformation, enabling collaboration technology to bring the whole world closer together.”

Vyopta Incorporated News

Vyopta Raises US$8 Million in Growth Financing from Vistara Capital Partners

Investment accelerates Vyopta's growth and product roadmap as it helps enterprise, government, healthcare and education customers manage increasingly complex collaboration and communication technologies.

AUSTIN, Texas -
Vyopta, the Collaboration Intelligence Company, announced it has raised US$8 million in growth capital from Vistara Capital Partners. Vyopta will use the funding to fuel customer acquisition and accelerate adding new monitoring and analytics features that improve the quality of collaboration helping organizations better connect, serve and innovate.

Vyopta provides unmatched performance optimization and visibility across technology, workspaces and people as they collaborate. With 360° views across cloud and on premise communication and collaboration technologies, actionable insights and dynamic performance monitoring, Vyopta improves quality of collaboration, increases productivity and maximizes technology and real estate investments. Customers rely on Vyopta to monitor and improve vital connections between teams, customers and partners.

Vyopta's customers include hundreds of organizations worldwide spanning 20+ industries including leading companies and government institutions, such as AstraZeneca, Visa, Department of Veterans Affairs and Shared Services Canada.

Remote and hybrid work, telemedicine, and distance learning have accelerated the adoption of new collaboration technology, as a result, companies have increased their demand for tools that help monitor and optimize their growing UC environments as well as integrate with IT automation processes. With complete visibility across video and voice including UCaaS providers (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Meet), endpoints and on-premise infrastructure, Vyopta is well positioned to support organizations through their digital and workplace transformation.

"As adoption of communication and collaboration technologies have surged exponentially as many organizations embrace remote and hybrid work, Vyopta's Collaboration Intelligence is foundational to business going forward and it is uniquely positioned to help enterprises make collaboration exceptional," said Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta. "Vyopta's partnership with Vistara Capital Partners helps accelerate our growth and product roadmap as we help organizations maximize productivity, minimize downtime and improve overall quality of collaboration and communication."

"Optimizing collaboration with best of breed technologies has never been more important, but also increasingly complex for IT organizations. Vyopta has unique expertise in helping large organizations cope with the complexity and fully understand employee engagement with, performance of, and the ROI of their investments in collaboration technologies," said Noah Shipman, Partner at Vistara Capital. "We are excited to be working with Vyopta and leading local venture fund Elsewhere Partners for Vistara's first of hopefully many investments in Austin based technology companies."

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