Wavicle Data Solutions: Harnessing the Potential of Data

Naveen Venkatapathi, Analytics Principal
The advent of big data has undeniably opened up a vast digital world that is yet to be completely discovered and explored. While it is difficult to dispute the importance of big data in businesses today, it is equally noteworthy that without proper analytics, big data is nothing but mere noise. While companies continue to discern new ways to create significant value, the answer, according to Naveen Venkatapathi, Analytics Principal, Wavicle Data Solutions, lies not merely in the capturing and storing of data as it does in the analytics side that turns the data into actionable insights. While the skill crunch is significant when it comes to leveraging the valuable resource of big data, Wavicle Data Solutions helps organizations develop data solutions focused on big data, cloud, and analytics for improving the accuracy of decision making and the ability to forecast the future trends. “Companies lack the knowledge of what components of the data can work for their business. This is where we as a company hold a sweet spot in measuring the value and tailoring the right solution for our clients,” says Venkatapathi.

Wavicle Data Solutions works in close partnership with Talend, Snowflake, Oracle Cloud, and MicroStrategy, along with multiple cloud, big data & analytics platforms in this space to navigate clients through the labyrinth of challenges, delivering innovative data solutions that harness the potential of their data. “Given the vast ecosystem of big data, the most prominent challenge is how to leverage these cutting-edge tools& technologies, making all of them work together in a system. Wavicle, as an asset, allows clients to glean value out of such investments,” he adds. Wavicle leverages advanced data analytics techniques to assist clients across various industries in capturing and consolidating customer information along with social media data, browser logs, and IoT sensor data. As a Talend certified gold partner for data integration, the Illinois- based firm helps companies to utilize analytics platforms to make data-driven decisions, taking a technology-agnostic approach in recommending and tailoring right-fit solutions for every client.

For a client’s existing data, Wavicle architects big data solutions on the cloud platform and performs statistical or predictive analytics to enhance productivity and analyze business decisions. These solutions are developed by the firm’s advanced team of highly motivated, industry leading experts.

Wavicle focuses on adding value in the short term by delivering flexibility and agility with the aid of cost-effective solutions

Wavicle cross-trains its data analysts and developers on every cloud and IoT platform and collaborates with the customers to acquire a thorough understanding of their framework. Once the necessary data is obtained, Wavicle crafts appropriate solutions after assessing the best business strategies for the clients’ present and future needs. It also builds functional Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to cater for the primary clients, and obtain feedback for further understanding and working on the clients’ proposal.

Wavicle maintains an in-depth knowledge of the clients’ existing systems that support the in-place solutions while helping an enterprise transition to greater functionality and flexibility extended by new technologies. “At the core, Wavicle focuses on adding value in the short term by delivering flexibility and agility with the aid of cost-effective solutions,” says Venkatapathi. Recently, Wavicle assisted an enterprise in managing and controlling their 35 million customers’ data scattered in silos across various units by transferring the massive volumes of data from their legacy systems to Amazon Web Services. All this, while integrating a framework to make them GDPR compliant across the European markets they operate on. Every solution provided to them was built in-house, taking care of both the front end and back end analytics. Wavicle incorporated numerous augmentation techniques including global delivery, making the whole process scalable, cost-effective, and swift and also added new features to their updated framework.

Continuing the streak of innovations, Wavicle is committed to enhancing its solutions and services and set itself apart from the competition by innovating in new technologies—machine learning models, automation, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.

Wavicle Data Solutions

Oak Brook, IL

Naveen Venkatapathi, Analytics Principal

Helps organizations build and leverage their analytics platforms to make data driven decisions, be it in cloud or on-premise, improve the speed of execution, and optimize cost efficiency

Wavicle Data Solutions