Weidmüller: Driving Pioneering Industrial Innovations

Michael Matthesius, EVP Division Automation and Production
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that is largely based on data consistency and networking is in the middle of an experimentation phase, in terms of service and business models. As an entity that has facilitated manufacturing processes for over 150 years since its humble inception in 1850, Weidmüller stands for a successful family-owned company and today, the name has become synonymous with innovations of the highest level and a pioneer in the area of IIOT.

In addition to offering automation and digitization solutions that leverage robust cloud infrastructure and industrial analytics, the company also has proven expertise in providing intelligent and communication-capable components for the control cabinet and the field. In the case of terminal blocks, panel structures often have to be configured individually and redesigned several times as part of a time-consuming process. Weidmüller recognizes this and has aligned its solutions along the increasing trend in progressive automation in the assembly, installation, and wiring processes in panel building. The company’s Klippon Connect terminal blocks reduce planning and development times for control cabinets. With the Weidmüller Configurator software tool, terminal blocks and other Weidmüller terminal rail components can be selected, configured, and ordered as required. The synergic implementation of the two offerings extends beyond traditional modular kits and results in complete application solutions for recurring panel applications. “Throughout the panel building process chain—starting with planning and moving on to installation and, finally, operation—we are tapping into the potential for optimization, that when combined translates into measurable extra added value,” says Michael Matthesius, EVP, Division Automation and Production at Weidmüller.

IIOT and digitization are other fundamental focus areas for Weidmüller. The company provides an integrated solution portfolio that envelopes everything from individual components through to complete solutions that are already fully-tailored to the requirements of IIOT.

We work closely with clients to deliver customized solutions that match their expectations

As such, Weidmüller caters to distinct application areas, such as industrial analytics, cloud services, energy management, digitalization, networking, and data consistency. Moreover, the company’s web-based services allow for intelligent information processing from virtually anywhere in the world. The Weidmüller energy management solutions help to highlight efficiencies and potential energy savings within the relevant system. Weidmüller’s Industrial Analytics solutions can collect and process data from the system in question and analyzes it using intelligent processes. With innovative communication-capable signal converters, I/O systems, routers, M2M technology, wireless and switches, Weidmüller also makes data available in the network and ensures IT security as a result. The company works closely with clients to deliver customized solutions that match their expectations.

One of Weidmüller’s clients relied on laborious manual quality control, which was carried out by the operator for their friction stir welding system. With Weidmüller’s Industrial Analytics solution in the picture, the client was able to record and document the process parameters; the software also provided information as to when the “friction pin” responsible for generating the heat at the machine is in need of being replaced. As a result, in addition to minimizing the number of rejects that occur as a result of a broken tool, availability of machinery was also increased. The client was able to achieve minimal rejects and system downtime.

While evolving from a component manufacturer to a solution provider, Weidmüller is combining established and new products into a holistic solution which is tailored to the requirements of IIOT. “In the long term, we want to establish ourselves as a solution provider while at the same time not neglecting our component business, as this is always part of the solution,” concludes Matthesius.


Detmold, Germany

Michael Matthesius, EVP Division Automation and Production

Weidmüller offers automation and digitization solutions in addition to intelligent and communication-capable components for the control cabinet and the field