West Coast Consulting Group: Delivers Value in the Cloud

Benafsha Irani, Managing Partner
With the highest customer satisfaction rating on the AppExchange, West Coast Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to help clients manage their Cloud initiatives from formulation to implementation. Founded in 2001, West Coast Consulting Group is an independent consulting firm with a depth of experience to help customers achieve business success in the cloud.

Many companies that implement cloud systems to replace their legacy systems and spreadsheets soon discover that the cloud does not fix a lack of planning and business processes, often failing to yield the expected benefits.

West Coast Consulting Group was founded by a team of consultants from KPMG, who realized that the cloud posed specific new challenges that needed to be addressed with a new approach. Benafsha Irani, Managing Partner, explains, “Our consultants have adopted the Agile methodology, rolling out new functionality in rapid iteration cycles. The systems we implement deliver on the promises of the cloud, combining ease-of-use with high user adoption and measurable results.”

West Coast Consulting Group uses its own patent pending cloud consulting methodology to combine rapid time to value with efficiencies for their customers. The firm has developed custom connectors designed for the specific needs of customers connecting legacy systems and data sources with their Cloud.

With extensive Cloud CRM expertise, West Coast Consulting Group addresses customer needs with industry best practices that drive measurable results. Irani states, “Our deployments incorporate the design and implementation of reports and dashboards to enable metrics-driven decision making.

West Coast Consulting Group’s partnership with Salesforce began in 2004, when they started working with Salesforce on their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering. With a deep understanding of the design principles and the underlying Salesforce functionalities based on hundreds of successful implementations, their consultants were among the first 500 ever certified by Salesforce.

Our consultants’ deep experience with Salesforce helps keep our projects lean and efficient, maximizing value for our customers

They were hired by Salesforce to develop custom demonstrations for their vertical expansion, including a Call Center Demo that later became part of Service Cloud. The firm’s customer success stories encompass areas of Salesforce implementation, from Sales, to Services, and Operations.

When San Francisco based YesVideo, which converts films, photos and videos to DVD and online media formats was looking to improve their Salesforce system, West Coast Consulting Group deployed a team of expert call center consultants who spent four months implementing a system that fit their business requirements. YesVideo manages a volume of 10,000 incoming customer calls per week, with questions ranging from the status of their order to detailed technical issues. The West Coast Consulting team customized Salesforce and implemented best practices that improved call prioritization and optimized service workflows. They created tailored reports and dashboards, allowing YesVideo employees to analyze information based on their role, on deskstops, as well as mobile devices. After West Coast Consulting Group re-launched their Service Cloud, YesVideo saw a 35 percent improvement in their call center performance. The implementation won the prestigious Surfboard award of Salesforce.com.

West Coast Consulting Group’s expansion plans include adding to their vertical industry solutions for healthcare, financial services, and high technology organizations. Drawing on their Silicon Valley heritage on the cutting edge of technology, Irani says, “Robotic Process Automation is one of the hot topics for companies with transactional systems. Our consultants have extensive experience with RPA deployments that enhance the competitiveness of our customers. We see this as a major area of growth for our consulting organization.”

West Coast Consulting Group

San Francisco, CA

Benafsha Irani, Managing Partner

West Coast Consulting delivers value in the Cloud

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