Workstorm: Empowering Legal and Professional Services Teams with the Ease of Collaboration

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Raj Fernando, Founder & CEO
For Raj Fernando, speed, efficiency and brilliant minds are business critical. It is no wonder that this trading industry veteran set out to create a solution that would enable knowledge services professionals to work more fluidly and focused in an age increasingly filled with digital noise. Fast forward to the present day, his company—Workstorm—empowers law firms, corporate legal departments, and professional services organizations with enterprise collaboration technology that allows employees to get more done in less time, thereby contributing to the bottom line and increasing employee and client satisfaction.

“The legal industry is at a critical juncture, facing both unprecedented economic pressures, while also looking for meaningful improvements to productivity. Clients demand quality, efficiency and responsiveness from their lawyers, and all for less cost,” states Fernando. “A single platform that improves day-to-day communications and provides unparalleled connectedness to the tools needed to practice law can help lawyers not only stay relevant, but flourish. Workstorm understands the unique needs of the legal and professional services industry and is dedicated to building a collaboration ecosystem where intelligent minds can thrive.”

Keeping up with fast-paced, always-on communications and the need for information access 24/7, Workstorm ties email collaboration with messaging, calendaring, video conferencing, screen sharing and document management integrations. By bringing these integrated functionalities to legal and consulting professionals’ fingertips, Workstorm has streamlined communications in a field inextricably linked to billable hours. Accessible through desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, the Workstorm platform facilitates one-on-one chat and group conversations alongside email and video conferencing. Users can also securely store and share files within the platform, which teams can quickly search.
Additionally, the Workstorm platform safeguards communication with security features like two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Workstorm is a way to connect brilliant minds in an organization and enliven internal teams and external stakeholders. For instance, a practice group was cascading decisions to the rest of the group and repeatedly holding informal meetings between a small number of people on the team, often excluding remote-based staff. These activities had a negative impact on the practice group’s productivity. It became clear that the practice group needed a streamlined collaboration platform to inject higher levels of efficiency. With the Workstorm platform, the team members in the practice group set-up dedicated workspaces for each matter and utilized messaging, calendaring, and video conferencing for delivering communications with clarity.

Since its foray in 2018, Workstorm has received engaging feedback from the legal and professional services industries. Backed by a team with decades of experience in building enterprise technology, and a deep bench of legal and consulting industry experts and executives, Workstorm aims to establish its footprint across the legal and professional services industries, as the need for enterprise-grade collaboration software grows.

“The legal and consulting industries are undergoing an exciting and long-awaited transformation. At Workstorm, we see the opportunities ahead for the knowledge services industry and are adapting in lock-step, with new functionalities emerging as our clients demand them,” says Brian Stearns, Chief Commercial Officer, Workstorm. Currently, the firm is focused on harnessing the power of case and matter management systems, calendar and docketing systems, time and billing systems, and contract management systems through Workstorm integrations. The company believes this will further equip organizations with the tools necessary to address collaboration and communication needs of the future.


Chicago, IL

Raj Fernando, Founder & CEO and Brian Stearns, Chief Commercial Officer

Workstorm provides enterprise-grade workplace collaboration technology