xkzero: Ensuring DSD Success with a Revolutionary Platform

Paul Ziliak, Co-Founder
Few sales management systems are tasked with handling the complexity and depth necessary to truly master direct store delivery (DSD). DSD is known as both a distribution method and a technology designed for manufacturers and wholesalers who distribute directly to customers using their own team of driver/ sales reps and vehicles. The industries using DSD tend to deal in food, beverage, petroleum and other fast moving consumer goods products. Companies requiring DSD need meaningful, timely, and reliable systems with strong ERP, CRM, asset management, and route sale capabilities. The problem is getting one or more, or ideally all of these systems to talk with one another. The reality is, many companies using DSD have one system for DSD, one for ERP and accounting and another for CRM.

From processing sales and delivery transactions to gathering intelligence on customers and competitors, organizations always require applications that work on-demand and at all times, with high performance. xkzero has built solutions to optimize those devices for a flawless sales management experience. With xkzero, enterprise systems can have every team in a business (including customers and suppliers) unified into a single platform, to make clear and informed decisions. The company’s web service technology enables highly secure and reliable communication with back-office users and applications, allowing businesses to reduce the number of systems they need to manage an entire enterprise.

xkzero has built one of the most complete and technologically advanced business management solution ever created for companies who use direct store delivery (DSD) and route sales. xkzero publishes a whole new kind of technology–xkzero Mobile Commerce—that provides solutions for everything a business needs, to manage sales and payments, truck loading and delivery, inventory management, warehouse, payments, and financial accounting. The solution’s mobile intelligence feature allows users to have a keen understanding of customer, inventory, and competitor trends. It can also manage other critical processes such as route planning, assets and equipment, telesales, pricing and promotions, in-store merchandising, and much more.

No other unified system is available in the world to manage the wide range of route sales, delivery, order management, payments, supply chain, field service, CRM and financial accounting

A breakthrough partnership with Cloud ERP and CRM leader Acumatica— is now at the center of xkzero’s new offering. Leveraging the award-winning Acumatica xRP cloud, everything offered by xkzero Mobile Commerce can now be managed on one single platform. The result is easy upgrades and the ability to stay ahead of the technology curve while helping businesses win. “No system is available in the world has the ability to manage route sales, delivery, order management, payments, supply chain, field service, CRM and financial accounting, like xkzero Mobile Commerce” says Paul Ziliak, co-founder, xkzero.

Drawing a complete picture of xkzero’s value proposition, Ziliak recalls an instance when the company assisted one of the largest wholesalers of energy drinks in the country. The client implemented xkzero Mobile Commerce and was able to add 30 new sales routes within their first year without having to add a single new administrative or warehouse person to help manage the demand. “That speaks volumes about the ease of use and deployment our system offers,” he adds.

A significant concern for the company, in the long run, is to ensure that their clients get everything they expected and more. While having assembled the necessary talent as a foundation to be a global leader, xkzero envisions accomplishing the plan in few years. “We’re already doing something no other technology company in the world is doing for what our industry targets. Moreover, developing on the Acumatica xRP platform will give us the opportunity to be recognized as the single best technology and functional platform for companies needing DSD and route sales,” concludes Ziliak.


Des Plaines, IL

Paul Ziliak, Co-Founder

Provides a complete and technologically advanced business management solution, created for companies who use direct store delivery and route sales