XoomDat: Data Discovery, Finding the Needle in a Haystack

Ousmane Condé, CEO
In an ecosystem that is dictated by a virtual explosion of information, businesses covet for a search-engine-like ability to comb through their data and find what they are looking for. Many spend at least 50 percent of their IT budgets on such information retrieval and data mining solutions; let alone the fact that available search solutions don’t meet their desired requirements, they are costly and unreliable too—no better than searching for “a needle in a haystack.” XoomDat is the disruptor that can present the needles (information) from the haystacks (internet/social media/public & private data sources) with the specific results a user is looking for.

Using machine-learning techniques coupled with a proprietary real-time search algorithm, XoomDat affordably provides businesses with an advanced proven off-the-shelf product that meets their critical business needs—without having to build a ‘do-it-yourself’ capability by integrating disparate products and consuming precious corporate resources.

With today’s plethora of search engines, content discovery is random at best (Figure 1). Infrequent search queries produce long lists of generic results with valuable information being pushed all the way to the bottom, simply because of a lack of general interest. With XoomDat, users will no longer be presented pages of links that they have to click through iteratively, search the link contents manually for the specific information they are looking for, assemble the data in a summary report, and repeat this process multiple times hoping to get the necessary information.

Searching Diverse Data Sources to “Connect-the-Dots”

In the enterprise context, the vast expanse of data presents a larger sample space and in turn, a larger ocean from which the choicest information may be fished out. Rather than casting a wider net, the approach XoomDat takes is far more surgical, and uses precise searching algorithms in tandem with the format and the context of results required with custom refinements that single out the most pertinent pieces of information. As Ousmane Condé, CEO of XoomDat says, “Our platform searches the internet, the users’ proprietary local and private databases to perform a targeted search, and then uses machine-learning analytics to provide customers a competitive advantage where ‘time is of the essence’ to ‘connect-the-dots’ and make key decisions—in seconds, not minutes, hours or days.”

Putting the User, not Technology, in Control

Beyond content curation, the system reinvents the search methodology right from the get-go, allowing users to search with queries formatted in natural language so that the answers are based on the question and not the other way around. This is where XoomDat is in a league of its own, as it considers these user-based factors to make search queries more personalized in order to return better and more specialized results.

The XoomDat algorithm also allows users to decide what information they want to see, and what they don’t, while ranking search results. XoomDat may be deployed in multiple ways, from the flexible cloud to an on-premise secure solution or both, depending on the customer’s requirements. As Ousmane adds, “XoomDat starts where Google stops, leading the user straight to the needle, instead of different haystacks.”

For example, the following illustration in Figure 2 shows both a Google and XoomDat search for “companies that filed for bankruptcy in Colorado this week.”
Note that XoomDat, based on featuring user decision-making capabilities, returns results with the required information formatted as per end-user’s specifications. Instead of being presented with pages of links that end-users need to iteratively click through, then manually search link contents for the information they are looking for, and then manually assemble the data in a summary report, XoomDat automatically “connects-the-dots,” providing end-users with their information, summarized and formatted in a way of their choosing. Utilizing XoomDat’s advanced notification and dashboard features, users can also be notified when new information is available—keeping users steps ahead of their competition.

XoomDat provides users with advanced security options supporting multiple potential applications within an enterprise. Where some users want ease of data access on the cloud, others with more stringent security requirements want to access their data only through their internal private cloud, without any interaction with the internet. There are government customers dealing with proprietary data that cannot be exposed to the internet at all. For these customers, XoomDat provides secure dedicated servers installed inside secure sites to allow them data access through their proprietary internal software.

Going Mobile – XoomDat Goes Mobile for Commercial Customers

XoomDat is currently developing smartphone and tablet applications for customers across iOS, Android and BlackBerry. With security and encryption an imperative, XoomDat supports embedding data-masking at every layer so that a user can decide what information should be isolated from various streams for specific applications in areas such as background checks.

They have recently released XoomTap (Figure 3), a mobile payment system. XoomTap leverages XoomDat technology and provides the most cost-effective solution for merchants to securely accept credit card payments on all mobile and smart devices, social media pages, and websites. XoomTap gives merchants the option of tapping, inserting, swiping or manually entering their customers’ credit card information in order to finalize transactions in seconds. Featuring customized hardware using XoomDat technology, XoomTap provides the most advanced security for commercial financial transactions. XoomTap also offers customers the ability to track their sales daily, weekly and monthly, offering valuable real-time analysis of their best-selling products, top clients, most profitable geographic areas—and more—helping them further increase their business and stay ahead of their competition. XoomTap is suitable for every commercial customer, from the small corner barber-shop to the large-scale retail store.

XoomDat - The New Paradigm for Search

XoomDat is a real-time platform that supports multiple business applications—financial analysis, national security and business risk assessment, crime analysis/prediction, news detection, commercial business applications, and more. By seamlessly integrating natural language inputs, real-time search, machine-learning, and a dashboard that provides visualization capabilities, XoomDat provides businesses an order of magnitude increase in their operational efficiency—now and for years to come.


Long Beach, CA

Ousmane Condé, CEO

XoomDat is a search platform leveraging machine learning, data analytics, and real-time search/data fusion to discover and integrate information on the internet, social media and other information sources