XTIVIA: Delivering Quality Enterprise Solutions By Virtue Of Salesforce

CIO VendorBrent Clark VP, Salesforce Practice
XTIVIA leverages technological innovation to ensure relevant data reaches its customers at the right time. Established in 1992, XTIVIA, a Cloud Alliance Partner with salesforce.com, is driven by the desire to assist customers in implementing and maintaining their CRM system to properly manage acompany’s interaction with their customers. “At XTIVIA, we provide appropriate recommendations, based on the client’s needs to deliver essential CRM and Salesforce solutions to ensure our clients ultimately succeed with their CRM initiative,” says Brent Clark, VP of Salesforce Practice at XTIVIA. With a team of certified individuals, including a Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer, XTIVIA utilizes Salesforce technologies to provide an exceptional user-interface, process flow and system architecture throughout the entire engagement lifecycle. “The unmatched stability, scalability, and speed that we deliver with Salesforce and the Force.com platform, gives organizations the confidence to move forward with simple initiatives and complex integrations, without any disruption to their operations,” he adds.

The company has also branched out to become an ISVForce Partner by developing applications that are available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Vicinity, their initial offering, geo-locates and maps client’s data in order to provide a simple cost-effective way to locate nearby customers and prospects in their Salesforce database. By utilizing the app, users can save significant time, allowing them to be more productive in their territory to uncover and close more deals. “We are constantly looking for ways to advance how we can deliver solutions, and delivering Vicinity on the Salesforce1 Platform was the logical choice. In a fast paced, mobile society, we provided an immediate mobile solution without the need for significant additional development efforts” states Clark. Vicinity uses customizable filters to refine search results and provides immediate geo-coding of newly added records and information without any administration oversight. “This takes a complex idea and really makes it easy for our customers to unlock the ‘where’ in their data; all delivered for the best value in the market,” said Clark.

At XTIVIA, we provide appropriate recommendations, based on the client’s needs to deliver essential CRM and Salesforce solutions to ensure our clients ultimately succeed with their CRM initiative

In keeping with their team based mindset, XTIVIA also pulled expertise from its portal and application development practices; which were instrumental in working with the CRM practice to develop the Vicinity application.

With the company's onshore delivery model and vast experience in providing customized solutions to fit any client requirements, XTIVIA has set itself ahead of the competition. In a recent Salesforce implementation, their client was going through a series of acquisitions in order to build its customer portfolio, sales organization, and managerial team. During this process, the client faced significant data management challenges as they were working through the consolidation of multiple ERP systems. Taking hold of the situation, XTIVIA implemented Salesforce to provide the client with a unified platform for managing their customer and sales data. Also, XTIVIA was able to apply additional third party applications that cleaned the existing data. “Over time, we saved them a significant amount of time, energy, and IT work internally,” claims Clark.

As business critical solutions and applications continue to evolve, XTIVIA will remain at the forefront of these innovations. XTIVIA is planning several strategic expansions to its geographic footprint and bringing in more features to their product line. “We will continue to focus on providing quality Salesforce solutions to our clients,” says Clark. “We are planning to introduce additional applications in the AppExchange and will continue to advance Vicinity and our professional services expertise in the Salesforce domain,” he concludes.


Colorado Springs, CO

Brent Clark VP, Salesforce Practice

XTIVIA delivers Salesforce solutions and applications to its customers, embedded in a cloud-based mobile platform. Notably, Vicinity is designed to make geo-coding and mapping existing Salesforce data simple and cost effective.