Zeevo Group: Fostering an Inevitable Enterprise Architecture

Joey Johnsen, Founder
The intention behind the genesis of enterprise architecture (EA) was to curtail system complexity and improve business alignment; sounds cliché, but it’s true. Today, with the increased demand for standardized IT environments and adaptability, EA has evolved from being a localized process implementation to a global enterprise-level initiative. “In an ‘agile’ world, where requirements and solutions continue to evolve through collaboration, so must the world of EA,” begins Joey Johnsen, Founder, Zeevo Group. To keep pace with the fast-moving business environments, organizations must standardize and rationalize their ability to adapt technologies to the changing business discipline, with EA as a channel. This is precisely what Zeevo Group helps enterprises with. Zeevo Group provides an advanced EA framework, which is adaptable and incorporates business and technical structures, processes, and perspectives, helping organizations achieve their strategic goals through optimized performance.

Zeevo Group’s EA framework implementation methodologies involve such key areas as project management, IT portfolio assessment, business architecture, information management and data governance, staff development, and enterprise communication. The company provides a platform to generate and visualize metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are meaningful to businesses and support their operations on a daily basis.

Zeevo Group also prides itself in a long-run record of successful EA implementations for its clients and overcoming typical implementation hindrances such as competing priorities, gaps in staff skill sets, and divergent opinions within the IT and business organizations. For CIOs struggling with the challenge of integrating with legacy systems, evolving multi-cloud service offerings, and emerging Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies, Zeevo Group offers robust EA methodologies and skilled resources to support organization’s plan, design and implementation of cloud-based solutions.

The company closely monitors best practices that are evolving beyond the traditional tools and mindsets and assists businesses in adopting cloud-based tools for collaboration and continuous innovation. “Our EA methodology is agile; we design and implement architectures that can evolve over time rather than the traditional ‘current versus future state’ approach,” says Johnsen.

Our EA methodology is agile; we design and implement architectures that can evolve over time rather than the traditional ‘current versus future state’ approach

Zeevo Group’s EA framework replaces manual, time-intensive analysis by rapid-data mining and advanced insight or data visualization capabilities. The company offers a variety of business intelligence tools and a resurgence of the “R” open source programming language to help Chief Data Officers and data engineers focus on analytics in real-time. Besides, Zeevo Group also helps CIO overcome the challenges they face with data breaches. From a security standpoint, the company takes a structured and comprehensive approach to data governance by enabling organizations to plan, supervise, and control critical data assets on-site and in the cloud.

At the core what really differentiates Zeevo Group is its team of dedicated experts, originating from the aircraft and engine leasing, utilities and consumer products industries, who specialize in aligning IT operations with the business strategy, keeping pace with the rapid-fire innovation in the realm of cloud, AI, and blockchain. The Zeevo team brings its unparalleled depth of industry expertise to design EA project governance, manage technology project portfolios, and enable road-mapping and strategic architecture planning.

Forging ahead, Zeevo is committed to delivering EA capabilities and scalable technology resources for conducting enterprise planning, modeling, and implementation leading to successful development and execution of business strategies. To assist clients with tailoring their EA value messaging for different stakeholders, the Zeevo team looks forward to improving information management by enabling businesses to collect, analyze and visualize information and measure EA value-added impact.

Zeevo Group

Seattle, WA

Joey Johnsen, Founder

Specializes in developing enterprise architecture programs to support organizations plan for, design and implement successful migrations to cloud-based solutions

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