Zixi: High-Quality Live Streaming

Eric Bolten, VP, Business Development & Israel Drori, President
“The industry as we know it is changing,” says Chris Noe Executive Chairman and CEO, Zixi. “Consumer demand for compelling, high-quality live content is greater than ever.” Viewers now want live content anywhere, anytime packaged in ways that satisfy their interests and budgets. This shift in how people view content is changing the way global media companies are packaging and distributing their content, creating the need for operations to become more agile, efficient, and cost effective. Achieving this objective is challenging with legacy infrastructures and accordingly there is an increasing trend to the Internet and the cloud. These offer attractive alternatives, but to be viable, they have to provide the speed, reliability, security, and perfect quality expected by the broadcast television industry.

In addition to delivering that performance and a high quality of service, the solution media companies use must also be usable across their organization, which means across different types of devices, protocols, platforms, and use cases. This is where Zixi enters with its innovative, scalable, flexible and cost-effective high-quality video delivery solution.

Zixi’s software platform can be deployed onsite or accessed via the cloud and it is comprised of three core components. The first of these is a transport layer that enables live video to stream over an unmanaged IP network at what is referred to as a five 9s quality of service (99.999 percent reliability). That means it runs at the speeds required in the broadcast industry, it has absolute content security, provides the reliability expected and delivers perfect quality.

The second layer consists of the media processing capabilities that allow media providers to take a live video stream and perform certain application functionalities to it, such as time shifting or transcoding of the content. This layer of media processing capabilities in the cloud provides functionality and interoperability by protocol and device type.

Consumer demand for compelling, high-quality live content is higher than ever

The third layer is the cloud services, which provides the Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) Management System. With this layer, multiple streams can be managed as they come in and as they are pushed out, all while interconnecting with different partners and taking an abstraction of the workflows to make it easy for certain use cases, specifically for a live linear channel or a live event.

One of Zixi’s customers is Bloomberg, a global provider with coverage in 120 countries. They provide multilingual and regional coverage across different time zones. Eric Bolten, Zixi’s VP, Business Development says, “By using Zixi’s platform, they have moved an entire linear system under the mantra of contribute once and deliver to many. This has allowed them to manage a multi-CDN and a multi-cloud strategy that accounts for a strong architectural advantage and increased flexibility.” Thanks to Zixi’s robust IP delivery protocols, rich media processing, and global monitoring and control, Bloomberg is able to accelerate delivery and optimize efficiency.

Zixi has been integrated into more than 30 partner software and hardware platforms, making it even easier to deploy by leading global media companies. As Israel Drori, Zixi’s President recounts from a discussion with the CEO of one of the largest OEM’s in the industry who said, “you guys have a big brand, people use Zixi as a verb, and they talk about needing to ‘Zixi’ a stream.” The importance of live content, the Internet as an enabling platform and the cloud as the next generation video infrastructure are coming together in an exciting way for Zixi.”


Waltham, MA

Eric Bolten, VP, Business Development & Israel Drori, President and Chris Noe, Executive Chairman & CEO

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