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Brian Shore, CEO Today, customers are increasingly less loyal; owing to modern day demands for instant access, answers, and gratification. A single unsatisfactory encounter may drive a customer to permanently end their relationship and find a new brand. Contact center personnel on the front lines during interactions face the heat when a single poor experience could result in losing a customer. Unhappy customers often vent their anger through word of mouth and negative postings on social media; further damaging a brand’s reputation. On the flipside, the onset of the digital age is an opportunity for businesses to reinvigorate their contact centers and elevate every encounter with customers. While many companies offer so-called customer experience solutions, one name creating buzz in the space is global firm, ZOOM International. The firm enables its clients to decrease customer attrition and improve brand sentiment by capturing and measuring customer emotion at the point of contact.

"What if you could mine customer interactions as easily as searching with Google? What if you could leverage the search breadth and speed that is seen with eBay and Netflix? ZOOM is one of the first companies in the communication space to leverage true Big Data technologies that we have come to expect from our web searches"

During its nearly two-decade journey, the firm has guided over 2,200 customers and partners worldwide, including name brands like AmeriGas, IBM, Home Credit, Finansbank, Tata Sky, Generali, Allianz, and Vodafone; spanning across 90 Countries. “We teach companies how to creatively use survey, or the Emotion of the Customer (EoC), as their true North to guide improvements to people, processes, technologies, and assets within the organization,” says Brian Shore, CEO of ZOOM International.

Elevating Efficiency, Compliance & Customer Experience

ZOOM provides a comprehensive suite of workforce optimization (WFO) products that enable its clients to influence customer sentiment and navigate market trends. With ZOOM Quality Management, enterprises can deploy strategic quality management programs and guide team leaders to conduct productive, efficient, and regular evaluations. The solution automates scheduled reviews, enables team leaders to accurately measure agent performance with standardized, predefined scorecards, configurable deadlines, and confidentially listen to recorded conversations. They can also analyze weak or robust performers by comparing skills and use customer sentiment trends toidentify development for both individual agents orentire teams. Next, the product trains agents to augment their capabilities and better prepare them for elevating customer experience with ZOOM’s ‘E-learning & Coaching solution.’

What if you could mine customer interactions the way you search with Google?

As a global leader in call recording, workforce optimization (WFO), and compliance software for contact centers, ZOOM International continuously delivers innovative and impactful solutions to market. For instance, ZOOM’s Omnichannel Search features enable contact centers to handle multiple interactions in a single consolidated platform.

We help companies understand how customers feel when interacting with their brand, which is the quintessential component for the protection of revenue

Powered by enterprise-level search platform Solr, the engine’s conversation engagement product renders a powerful single-entry point for comprehending all customer interactions. The search-based features provide a unified view of omnichannel customer interactions and enables the capture and review of customer interactions and meta-data across web page visits, emails, chats, voice, web conferencing, surveys, and more in a consolidated dashboard. “In a nutshell, the Solr powered engine enables organizations to drive broader, faster, and more targeted results from the mountains of data in the contact center, which is the primary reason we decided to integrate Solr into our WFO suite,” adds Shore. “What if you could mine customer interactions as easily as searching with Google? What if you could leverage the search breadth and speed that is seen with eBay and Netflix? ZOOM is one of the first companies in the communication space to fully leverage Big Data technologies that we have come to expect in our personal search expectations.”

One of the most noteworthy features of the platform are the three levels of analytics available to end users. ZOOM’s Solr based search analytics provide faster discovery of interactions, survey results and reviews, while their ZOOM Performance Analytics (ZPA) package provides low hassle and easy to use BI functionality to drive KPIs, dashboards and reports. Coupled with ZOOM’s Advanced Speech Analytics, the platform provides a comprehensive set of features allowing for in depth trending, comparative phrase-based analysis and contact center specific reporting on any captured data. Shore adds, “The platform enables our clients to garner pertinent information from any system and identify the blind spots in their processes.” Further, the platform is built API first, which enables organizations to consolidate data from disparate systems quickly and easily. The accommodation of open APIs, integration, horsepower and omnichannel search steers the firm ahead of its competitors.

Protecting Your Organization and Customer Data

Data breeches are more common today than ever before and owing to the proliferation of speech to text cloud software, hackers are more easily able to extract credit customer data from recorded contact center calls. Shore mentions that there are many organizations storing call recordings containing credit card and verification data which is strictly against PCI-DSS policies. To this end, ZOOM enables organizations to protect customer data with its Automatic Pause & Resume (APR) recording feature. For instance, ZOOM APR is integrated with Epic for healthcare customers using APIs from both EPIC and ZOOM International. APR for EPIC enables automated pause and resuming of recorded calls based on user actions within the EPIC user interface. As the architecture is API based, it allows companies to integrate with external sources pause recordings. Shore notes, “ZOOM excels in providing secure compliance solutions. We are committed to continued developments in this space to benefit our customers’ contact center and back office teams.”
Moving the Needle Using Survey

Additionally, the firm’s survey product helps its clients capture the true sentiment of their customers and serve them more impactfully. “The randomized manual evaluation processes prevalent in most contact centers are not effective as they ignore the most important question: How did you make your customer feel?” With ZOOM’s EoC solution, the firm enables contact centers to tie feedback to specific customer interactions and subsequently take actions to serve them in a better way. “We help companies understand how customers feel when interacting with their brand, which is the quintessential component for the protection of revenue.”

Partnering to Measurably Improve NPS

When it comes to elevating customer encounters and generating positive NPS, the firm helps its clients bolster customer loyalty and decrease attrition, thus driving revenue growth. “You don’t have to be a Harvard MBA to know that if your revenue growth target is 15 percent and your attrition is 5 percent, then your actual growth target is 20 percent”, adds Shore. The firm’s offer makes it easy for businesses to collect, connect, measure, and act on customer feedback in near real time. ZOOM takes pride in being one of the few WFO vendors that can link survey results directly to the interaction which triggered them, closing the feedback loop with almost zero effort. “Customers will never forget how you made them feel,” extols the industry veteran.

The Growing Prowess

Since its inception, Zoom has set an exemplary role in meeting the needs of its I.T. and contact center clients, helping them reach revenue growth targets. To create a more comprehensive picture of the firm’s overall capabilities, Shore cites an example. A leading global communication carrier with a very low NPS was looking for a partner to aid them in improving their NPS. The firm joined hands with ZOOM and achieved staggering NPS improvement within a couple of months, subsequently reducing the client’s customer churn rates. “Using our platform, the customer began collecting close to 15k surveys per day. After driving process improvements based on the EoC results, they saw a 15 percent increase in NPS which translated to millions of dollars in revenue. Now that is pretty impressive.”

Over the years, the firm has been a quintessential name in the WFO space. They have an exceptional reputation for overserving their customers, often helping them with problems unrelated to ZOOM software. Owing to their exemplary work, ZOOM has been a recipient of many awards and received recognition as an insightful emerging vendor five times in the last six years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Optimization. “We were also positioned as one of the seven companies on the new Gartner WEM Magic Quadrant in 2019,” states Shore. Adding to this, the firm has also established partnerships with leaders in the industry such as Cisco (SolutionsPlus) and Amazon Connect (Technology Partner). In the year ahead, ZOOM will launch its first fully cloud-native platform for bridging the gap between on-premise and cloud deployments.

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