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Anil Kumar Sannareddy, Director-Delivery & Operations
“Quality is everyone’s responsibility,” said Edwards Deming, the father of quality evolution. From a software development perspective, this is believed to be solely the tester’s responsibility. Today, as the software industry is facing enormous changes, organizations are using new technologies and approaches like continuous delivery to provide exceptional user experience. However, the question still remains; “how can we help build software with great quality by participating with everyone who is involved in building and using the software,” says Anil Kumar Sannareddy, Director-Delivery and Operations of Zuci Systems. This is where Zuci Systems comes in. Zuci’s goal is to build solutions that enable IT organizations produce better code and in turn high quality applications. “We firmly believe that great user experience is possible only when quality is built into the software at every phase and not just testing.” As a software quality engineering company, Zuci do not just test software for its compliance to design or functional requirements, but they integrate quality in every phase of the software development cycle.

According to Sannareddy, organizations need talent that can understand how a software works from a developer’s as well as the end-user’s perspective. “Our people speak the same language as developers as we hire people with good analytical, lateral thinking skills combined with good programming expertise and sound experience in manual testing.” For instance, “Continuous testing does not require any separate tools apart from what the project uses but needs people with good technical skills based on the project needs and who can collaboratively with all other teams engaged in the project. That is exactly what we focus on.”

Zuci offers manual testing and test automation services under functional testing. Selenium, Webdriver, Ranorex, Testcomplete, HP UFT, SoapUI, Calabash and Appium are some of the tools that they use for functional test automation.

We see how we can create tools and solutions that can help the developer identify the problem and deliver quality code

Additionally, they specialize in performance, load, and stress testing when it comes to non functional testing. “JMeter and LoadUI are some tools that we use for non functional testing,” states Sannareddy. The firm’s test automation frameworks are designed to run black box regression test cases as well as to have the flexibility to support developers validating their unit test cases and assess code coverage. “We see how we can create tools and solutions that can help the developers identify the problem and deliver quality code.”

As a key advantage, Zuci’s voice based test generator “SHABD” alleviates the time and money spent in designing test cases. For instance, Zuci assisted a financial services based customer to reduce the time involved in manual test generation using SHABD—a voice based requirement to test case convertor which generates in BDD pattern. The scenarios can be automated by just writing the step definitions. This eliminated the test preparation time and reduced the test automation effort. “We used Selenium, Ruby and Cucumber, Jenkins for Continuous Testing in this case,” shares Sannareddy.

Forging ahead, the firm wants to add more features into SHABD. “ZUJYA, our test automation accelerator for machine learning is also getting a facelift and we plan to convert that as a product as well in future,” says Sannareddy. They want to build quality engineering solutions for customers who are in niche areas such as machine learning, analytics, IoT, and AI and help them build quality products/ applications using Zuci’s solutions. “We want to be known as the ‘Google of Testing industry’ for our people and solutions,” he concludes.

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Anil Kumar Sannareddy, Director-Delivery & Operations

Facilitates functional testing covering test automation services and manual testing with appropriate software tools

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