Argus Cyber Security: Comprehensive Solutions to Identify and Prevent Cyber Attacks on Vehicles

Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder & CEO
The more advanced cars become, the more vulnerable they are to cyber attacks. “While connectivity makes us safer, more productive and vastly increases the pleasure of our ride,” says Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-founder and CEO of Argus Cyber Security, “…it opens up the possibility of data theft and remote compromise of safety-critical systems such as steering, acceleration and braking through cyber attacks.”

This threat has led car manufacturers to seek cutting-edge technologies to improve their cyber security posture. Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Argus Cyber Security partners with car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers and aftermarket connectivity providers to help protect connected cars and commercial vehicles from car-hacking.

With a management team that includes experienced cyber professionals and former senior executives from the automotive industry, Argus is committed to ensuring that its technologies and business models are optimally aligned with automotive requirements. The company takes a holistic approach to vehicle cyber security and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that addresses multiple attack scenarios. Argus’ core solution, the ready-to-embed Argus Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) detects and prevents malicious activity on a vehicle’s Communication Area Network (CAN) Bus in real time. Built specifically for the automotive industry, Argus IDPS can be embedded on the automobile gateway or on an individual ECU without changing the existing architecture. It is especially unique in that it provides high performance detection and prevention using minimal memory footprint and CPU resources. These features along with its deep packet inspection (DPI) and patent-pending technologies prevent hacking of a vehicle’s safety-critical systems in real time. “The optional cloud infrastructure enables situational awareness on an intuitive dashboard, Over- The-Air (OTA) updates and operational threat intelligence, delivering cyber security throughout the vehicle’s lifespan,” says Ben-Noon.

As a trusted adviser to its customers, Argus also provides consulting services and works closely with customers to ensure cyber security is baked into the entire product lifecycle—from concept to production, delivery and service. “We do this through threat assessments, risk analyses, software architecture and code reviews, penetration testing, and field monitoring,” says Ben-Noon.

Argus solution suite prevents hacking of a vehicle’s mission critical systems in real time and delivers cyber security throughout a vehicle’s lifespan

Founded in 2013, the company is considered an authority on automotive cyber security. Following a myriad of vulnerabilities uncovered by white hats and US Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal’s SPY Car Act of 2015, which proposes guidelines for regulating automotive cyber security, Argus was invited to participate in a closed door congressional committee to discuss the state of automotive cyber security.

Argus’ award-winning research team works with major automakers to prepare for and prevent attacks through assessments of potential attack scenarios across different operating systems, communication protocols and vehicle types. The team has already exposed substantial cyber security vulnerabilities. One critical vulnerability was recently found on an aftermarket telematics service, the Zubie connected car service. “By connecting Zubie’s aftermarket dongle to a vehicle’s OBD-II port, customers can connect their car to the internet to deliver real-time location, trip history, maintenance alerts, engine diagnostics and driving insights immediately to their smartphone,” explains Ben-Noon. Argus discovered vulnerabilities in the device that could lead to serious compromises of the locking system, dashboard instruments and safety-critical components such as the engine, brakes and steering. “We disclosed our findings to Zubie who responsibly addressed the issues prior to our joint announcement,” adds Ben-Noon.

With its innovative solution portfolio, multiple patent-pending technologies, a strong financial position, having recently raised $30M in two rounds of funding, and unique domain expertise, Argus is well positioned to be an influencer in securing car connectivity in the coming years. “As more vehicles become connected, Argus will play an ever-increasing role in ensuring that motorists enjoy the limitless benefits of connectivity without having to worry about their physical and virtual safety,” concludes Ben-Noon.

Argus Cyber Security

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder & CEO and Zohar Zisapel, Co-Founder & Chairman, Yaron Galula, Co-Founder & CTO

Provides comprehensive cyber security solutions for automobiles

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