Providing Mobile Solutions to Consumers

Phil Jarvis, VP, IT, Thirty-One Gifts

Coping With Immense Technological Changes

Abhi Beniwal, SVP of Global Information Technology, Daymon Interactions

Delivering New Values

Jeff Donaldson, SVP & CIO, Gamestop

Collaboration, Infomobility And The Future Of Construction

Collaboration, Infomobility And The...

Carol Hagen, President, Hagen Business Systems

Facing A 2-Fold Challenge In Construction Sector

Facing A 2-Fold Challenge In...

Sam Lamonica, VP & CIO, Rosendin Electric

Kellton Tech Solutions: Disruptive Technology Doubling as a Virtual Location Based Guide

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Krishna Chintam, Managing Director,Kellton Tech Solutions

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America: Computer-integrated Software to Streamline Manufacturing Processes

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Faisal Pandit, President,Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America

Optimal Design: Strategizing for Superior Product Development

Optimal Design: Strategizing for...

Sajid Patel, CEO and Principal,Optimal Design

SkyTouch Technology: The Mobile-Optimized Hotel Operating System Experts

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Jonah Paransky, CEO,SkyTouch Technology