Connatix: The Online Video Syndication Pioneer

David Kashak, Founder and CEO
Getting what content the viewers want, where and when they want it or personalizing the viewing experience is a key focus for publishers and advertisers today. In digital marketing, content filtering and ad blocking methods have incapacitated traditional publishing and advertising systems. The ensuing need for blending video content seamlessly into the style and structure of the displayed web content without disrupting the user’s browsing experience has brought native video experience to the forefront. Meeting the evolving needs of modern day media and entertainment industry by helping display branded video content across the web and mobile media in a native way for informational or advertising purposes is Connatix. The firm’s native video syndication and monetization platform eliminate the elongated and expensive process of video creation, empowering publishers and advertisers to leverage one of the most engaging media forms available today, the video.

“Publishers like Mashable and Time Inc. who have the capability to produce original video content are faced with the challenge of ensuring delivery for the brands that they are working with,” says David Kashak, the founder and CEO of Connatix. The firm follows a publisher first approach and empowers them to engage with the audience both on-site and across the open web, also endeavoring to recover the revenue and audience that publishers have lost to social platforms over the past couple of years. Connatix supplies publishers with a robust proprietary platform and an active CMS enabling easy uploading, indexing, and management of the video content or advertisement in it, along with access to a library with extensive video content from many premium publishers to amplify the publisher’s revenue and reach.

“We are the only solution in the market that combines three major components in a video that is the video technology, large content library, and monetization in one very simple ready-to-use package,” says Kashak. The Connatix Native Video Syndication (NVS) solution allows publishers to syndicate their video content and enables the content to reach target audiences across the Connatix network to deliver their pre-roll advertising campaigns, on brand-safe sites.

We are the only solution in the market that combines three major components in video that is the video technology, large content library and monetization in one very simple ready-to-use package

The NVS solution serves as a one-stop shop for publishers to upload their content files alongside VAST and VPAID tags to reach audiences via sophisticated targeting options such as content category, geography, demographics, player size, day, and time. Multiple campaigns can be run simultaneously, and campaign features can be altered instantly, which serves as a key differentiator in the native video ad space.

Citing a Connatix success story, Kashak mentions the Entrepreneur magazine. Entrepreneur required an extended audience for their content with more monetization. “Connatix solutions helped Entrepreneur build a syndication network of relevantor similar sites which was then packaged together with Entrepreneur’s video content to help distribute the content across a network of relevant sites,” says Kashak. As a result, Connatix extended the Entrepreneur magazine’s returns and audience reach. Connatix intends to launch four new products enhancing monetization for publishers with the intention to align the company’s strategy and journey with the current market trend favoring video content distribution channels. “Our mission for the beginning of 2018 is to create tools and software that enable publishers to replicate the interactive characteristics of social platforms,” states Kashak. Led by a CEO having served as the Director of Business Development, the Director of Americas Business Operations, and the Director of Technology Center, Connatix continues to maximize ad revenue for publishers, ROI for advertisers, and personalized and unobtrusive online experience for users.


New York, NY

David Kashak, Founder and CEO

Provides online video and syndication platform for publishers with personalized and unobtrusive online experience