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Balaji Ramanujam

CIO and SVP for Products, ASI Government

Balaji Ramanujam is Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Senior Vice President of the Products Division for ASI Government. An accomplished IT and business executive focused on driving value through IT innovation, Balaji has 20 years of experience in cost structuring, enterprise optimization, IT architecture, and change management. 

Mr.Ramanujam's particular focus is the alignment of IT with business strategy to maximize efficiencies and cost savings. He has delivered technology solutions across a broad spectrum of clients, including federal agencies, telecom, healthcare, finance, and media. 

Prior to joining ASI, Mr. Ramanujam served as Partner at The Garuttman Group, an IT and general consultancy firm that he co-founded. There, he led IT transformation and auditing activities and focused on business strategy, supply chain management architecture, Web development, analytics, product development and sales. He also created business-to-business, e-commerce and intercontinental logistics solutions. Previously, Mr. Ramanujam served in IT positions, including leading CIO services at Customer Value Partners, Prematics, Convergys Corporation, Seta (Apptis), Ushacomm and Accord. 

A published author and a sought-after industry speaker, Mr. Ramanujam received his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore and Master of Science in Management of IT from the University of Virginia.

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