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Behnam Rezaei

CTO and Co Founder, NetSeer

Behnam is at the helm of NetSeer's technological innovations. He oversees the design, architecture and development of the company's ad platforms. A prolific inventor, Behnam has authored several NetSeer's patent applications and is an expert in complex systems; data mining; computational, contextual and behavioral targeting; ad optimization, and distributed systems. Pre-NetSeer, Behnam was a lead researcher on projects that ranged from spam filtering to the structure and dynamics in large-scale biological networks, and the development of P2P network clients. Behnam holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. When not at Burning Man, Behnam might be boxing or successfully holding two conversations at once.

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With big data offering access to vast amounts of information about consumer behavior, preferences and other metrics, companies have the ability to execute more precisely targeted advertising and marketing initiatives than ever before, predicting with greater accuracy the outcome of those efforts. What’s more, with highly distributed architectures, more memory and...