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Biju Nair

CEO, HYLA Mobile

Biju Nair is President and CEO at HYLA. As President and CEO, Biju is responsible for the execution and strategy of HYLA’s global business. He leads the company’s expanding effort to grow the company’s global strategic vision, with a focus on bringing new technology solutions and new business opportunities to the forefront. He is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the company’s short and long-term goals are realized and that the corporate strategy is secure and engaged.

Prior to joining Synchronoss, Biju was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sapience Knowledge Systems, Inc., a venture-backed wireless software company that was acquired by Synchronoss Technologies in 2011. Previously, he held the position of Senior Vice President and GM of the Connectivity and Security Group at Smith Micro Software and Corporate Vice President and GM and founder of Mobility Solutions Group at PCTEL, Inc. which was acquired by Smith Micro in 2008. In addition, Biju has held senior executive positions at SAFCO Technologies and Agilent Technologies.

Biju has a Master of Science Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Politechnika Warszawska and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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