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Bryon Campbell PhD

CIO, Van Andel Institute

DR Bryon is currently the CIO of Van Andel Insititute. His expertise with business process analysis and redesign while pursing workflow enhancement through the use of technology solutions. Dr. Campbell’s leadership in the design, management, and operation of managed IT infrastructure and enterprise wide solutions has fostered a robust yet cost effective environment.  He also has developed and enforced policies and procedures to ensure the protection of the organizations IT assets and the integrity, security and privacy if information entrusted to or maintained by the Information Technology Department.  He has lead in the area of business principles and techniques of administration, organization, and management to include an in-depth understanding of the key business issues, that exist in the research, academic and pharmaceutical industry.   Experience in a GxP  regulated environment, the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and associated systems in support of a production/manufacturing facility is one of his strengths.  His functional experience coupled with strong interpersonal communications skills has allowed him to lead in the area of negotiations (personnel and vendor), organizational management, and executive committees where the focus is typically technology/business issues and solutions.   

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