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Charles Onstott

SVP of Cloud, Cyber, and Data Science, SAIC

Charles Onstott is the SVP and Service Line Manager for SAIC’s cyber security, cloud computing, and data science services.  Previously, he has developed IT infrastructure solutions that support more than 400,000 users worldwide in the federal, defense, energy, biotech, and entertainment sectors. He has managed numerous IT and data center consolidation projects that produced cost savings in system development and support while improving customer satisfaction.  Onstott is an active contributor to SAIC’s ongoing research into emerging technology.  In 2010, Onstott established SAIC’s Enterprise Solutions Lab which is a hybrid cloud used for research and development and a cloud computing center of excellence.   In 2008, he was awarded the Information Technology and Network Solutions Group Excellence Award for Science and Technology.  In 2010, he sponsored an SAIC Annual Achievement Award for Technical Collaboration for SAIC’s Enterprise Private Cloud project. He holds a B.A. from Oklahoma State University and an M.A. from The University of Chicago.




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