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Charles Rosenblatt

CCO, Hyperwallet Systems

Charles Rosenblatt is a leading expert in the fields of Payments, Loyalty, and Offers.  Currently, Mr. Rosenblatt is the Chief Customer Officer at Hyperwallet, responsible for optimization of the Payee experience and revenue. 

Mr. Rosenblatt has built and managed loyalty programs for three Top 10 financial institutions, coalition partners and led multiple business development teams at these banks, as well as at one of the leading providers of Card-Linked Offers.  As a consultant, Mr. Rosenblatt helped rebuild the United Airlines program, worked to establish a coalition loyalty program that will be launching in 2015, and has worked with start-ups in the retail loyalty space (one that has quintupled valuation in the previous 12 months). As Executive Vice President, Strategy, Analytics, and Product Development for Affinity Solutions, Mr. Rosenblatt created Loyalty program strategy and executions for over 200 banks, including program design, liability management, and customer management/engagement strategies. 

As Senior Vice President, Rewards and Customer Management, Washington Mutual, Mr. Rosenblatt built-from-scratch a best-in-class Card Rewards program, ranked as the #1 Visa/MC program by J.D. Power & Associates in its first year of existence.   He managed all direct marketing for this program, including cardholder acquisition and customer management.  Mr. Rosenblatt provides insight at the intersection of Payments, Loyalty, Offers, and Emerging Technologies, as the only person in the consulting space having held Executive positions at both Financial Institutions in these areas, as well as the leading Vendors consolidating both retailer and financial companies providing these services.

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