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David G Sherburne

Executive IT Director, Carestream

With over 25 years of experience across product commercialization, project management, and information technology, David brings a unique perspective to conversations relating business, technology, and the new digital economy. David’s practical experience allows him to bridge the chasm that typically exists between enterprise silos that must work together to deliver the change demanded by today’s data driven world. Frequently requested as a conference speaker and a technical expert over the past decade, David challenges many mainstream ideas relative to Information Technology, Engineering and Program Management to create the awareness required to help companies remain competitive and continuously improve. As an Executive IT Director at Carestream Health Incorporated, David directs the SmartLink Development (IoT, M2M), IT Project Management Office, Engineering IT, and Technical Communication teams. LinkedIn

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We all know by now that the Internet of Things will enable digital transformation of markets and usher in the Age of the Customer. Life before connectivity (BC) will be different than life after digital (AD) for humanity and companies alike, these are the transition years. As technology leaders, our boss and the board expects us to lead the company from the BC world...