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David Milstein

MD, Head of Legal Technology and Guggenheim Partners

David Milstein is an attorney with a Technology practice area, and a software developer with two decades of experience working in a variety of capacities in the Finance, Telecom, dot-com, and dot-gov sectors.

Currently at Guggenheim Partners applying analytics to the functions of the Legal department of a large asset manager; immediately before that he spent a decade as one of the lead developers and data architect of the core IT system for the US Courts, the Case Management / Electronic Case Filing System.  Before that he was a consultant at Verizon."

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What’s coming down the pike in terms of legal technology is case outcome forecasting. It is already being done, of course. First of all, plaintiff lawyers have always made a cost-benefit analysis before they take a case, wherein the probability of getting a desired judgement necessarily factors highly. Their business model depends on their ability to correctly...