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Diane B Holdorf

Chief Sustainability Officer, Kellogg Company

Diane Holdorf is Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer for Kellogg Company. She joined Kellogg in May 2008 as Senior Director, Environmental Stewardship and in 2009 was promoted to Vice President, Environmental Stewardship, Health and Safety. In 2011 she was promoted to Chief Sustainability Officer, Vice President Environment, Health & Safety, and in 2015, in recognition of the increasing importance of sustainability across the Kellogg business, became Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer to focus full time on advancing Kellogg’s sustainability leadership efforts.

In this role she develops and implements global goals, strategies and plans for sustainability focused in areas of responsible sourcing and conserving natural resources to deliver brand value, improved corporate reputation, security of supply and right to operate, while delivering business value.

In her prior role, she additionally led global environmental stewardship to assure compliance with environmental regulations while working to reduce the total environmental impact of Kellogg Company operations, as well as global employee safety and health programs, designed to deliver best-in-class safety performance companywide, with an ultimate goal of zero injuries.

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