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Dirk Wallerstorfer

Technology Lead for SDN and OpenStack , Dynatrace

Dirk Wallerstorfer is Technology Lead for SDN and OpenStack at Dynatrace. He has 10+ years of deep, hands-on experience in networking, security, and software engineering. Dirk spends his days on researching new trends in networking and OpenStack, blogging about them, and explaining them to others in simple language, also during his engagements as speaker at conferences and meetups.

Before joining Dynatrace, Dirk’s job was to build up and lead a quality management team at a digital marketing agency. Prior to that, he had several engagements as a software engineer working with enterprise Java applications, writing Linux kernel modules for firewalls, and writing UI automation frameworks.

Dirk holds a BS from University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg and a MS from Vienna University of Technology.

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