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Donna Fluss

President, DMG Consulting LLC

Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting LLC, is highly regarded by industry, enterprise, contact center and financial leaders as one of the foremost experts on contact center, analytics and the back office.  With 30 years of experience helping organizations build world-class contact centers and back office operating environments, and assisting vendors to develop and deliver competitive solutions, Fluss created DMG Consulting to deliver unparalleled and unbiased research, analysis and consulting services. She is a renowned speaker, author and expert source for industry and business publications

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The past 12 months have been outstanding for the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market (automatic call distributors or ACDs and dialers), the best year in the history of this sector. Competition is fierce and new vendors continue to emerge. Carriers are active in the sector. Premise-based solution providers are increasingly getting into the cloud to protect...