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Duane Schau

Director of for client services, Indiana University

Duane Schau

Duane Schau is Indiana University’s director for client services, focusing on technology innovation in higher education and the post-PC era.He oversees two action items associated with the Indiana University Strategic Plan. As project Lead for Strategic Plan Action Item 29, he is leveraging IT Professional skills across the university. Additionally, as project Lead for Strategic Plan Action Item 22b is developing the new enterprise model for managing the compute lifecycle. This model optimizes efficiencies for IT associated with procuring, managing and securing personal computing and application delivery. Duane holds a B.A. degree in Geography from Indiana University and past positions include Executive Director for Engagement for Alumni Relations as well as Chief Technology Officer for the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University.

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We can now reasonably conclude that the new “bring your own device” (BYOD) era began with the smartphone, triggering the “post-PC era”. In recent memory, standard issue technology included a personal computer or Windows laptop and a Blackberry phone. Today employees and students carry three or more devices as they connect to institutional...