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Ivan Imana

CIO, Adelman Travel

Ivan joined Adelman Travel Group in 1995. He began his career at Adelman as Senior Staff Accountant and was soon promoted to Financial Reporting Manager. He took over management of Adelman Travel's Technology Department in 2004, where his primary responsibilities involve finding solutions for the company to be more productive and competitive in the market place. He has directed the development of several proprietary technology solutions since becoming head of the R&D department. Ivan currently sits on the advisory boards of three online booking tools and he is a member of the CIO Roundtable. In 2009, Ivan was chosen for the CIO 50 award, which honors IT executives for their ability to successfully integrate technology solutions, thereby helping increase corporate efficiencies. In 2011, Ivan received the CIO of the Year award from the Society for Information Management. Ivan holds a BS in Business from San Diego State University University

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