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Jason Collins

VP of IoT Marketing, Nokia [NYSE:NOK]

Jason Collins is Vice President of Internet of Things Marketing at Nokia.  This responsibility includes developing the market and Nokia’s position in that market.  A key activity in this role is driving innovation by developing ecosystems and executing via agile prototyping of technology, service concepts, and business models. 

Jason’s career began in communications research at Georgia Institute of Technology and includes over 20 years of experience in telecom service providers, from large traditional telecoms to startups where he headed up product management for innovative network and cloud applications services.  

Jasonhas pioneered the development of several working partner innovation centers and business incubators — emphasizing an approachto the market emphasizingmulti-layered collaboration on new business models as key to driving new technology into markets.  Most recently at Nokia he has been developing large and diverse global ecosystems ( and to drive business by exploring new end user experiences and resulting vertical business models made possible by technologies such as connected automobiles, sensors in cities, and IoT analytics.

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