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Kevin Mulcahy

Director Future of Business Global Consulting Prac, Tata Consultancy Services

As a Senior Director in The Future of Business team, Mr. Mulcahy is advising clients on developing and executing digital strategies. His experience includes future scenario, ecosystem and response analysis – driven by rapidly evolving and converging technology accelerators such as social, mobile, big data/analytics and cloud computing.

Mr. Mulcahy also has extensive experience in the area of business analytics to drive better outcomes in the areas of growing revenue, reducing cost, and managing risk & compliance.

His leadership experience includes advanced analytics, as well as emerging technologies, and spans more than 30 years in the planning, marketing, sales and delivery of B2B solutions and services for large enterprises, SMBs and startups. Mr. Mulcahy has held leadership roles with CA Technologies, Enherent Corp, Aelera and Fujitsu Consulting. He has a B.S. in Management from St. John’s University.

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The rapid adoption and convergence of digital technologies is having a profound affect on our lives and businesses. The technology platform of the Internet, social, mobile, cloud and big data/ analytics rapidly continues to expand with technologies such as 3D printing, wearable devices, robotics, nanotechnology, IoT (Internet of Things) and others. And as more of our...