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Kimberly Watson Hemphill

President, Firefly Consulting

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, founder and CEO of Firefly Consulting, is a globally known expert in the field of Innovation and Operational Excellence, and is a coauthor of Innovating Lean Six Sigma (McGraw-Hill, 2016) and Fast Innovation (McGraw-Hill, 2005).

Previously, Ms. Watson-Hemphill was a Partner with Accenture and a Vice President of George Group Consulting before founding Firefly Consulting in 2009. She is currently on faculty at the Acton School of Business; an MBA program focused on entrepreneurship, based in Austin, Texas. 

Ms. Watson-Hemphill has led multiple operational excellence programs with Fortune 500 companies, including a global deployment that generated over $1B in savings. She has also helped companies significantly reduce their product development cycle times while developing innovative, customer-focused products. One company cut time to market by 50% and product cost by 26%, while increasing market share and customer satisfaction.

Ms. Watson-Hemphill holds a BSE in Aerospace Engineering and a BA in French from the University of Michigan. Additionally, she holds an MSE in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Texas.





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