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Malcolm Harkins

Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cylance

Malcolm Harkins is the Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance. In this role he is responsible for all aspects of information risk and security, security and privacy policy, and for peer outreach activities to drive improvement across the world in the understanding of cyber risks and best practices to manage and mitigate those risks. Previously Malcolm was Vice President and Chief Security and Privacy Officer (CSPO) at Intel Corporation. In that role Malcolm was responsible for managing the risk, controls, privacy, security, and other related compliance activities for all of Intel’s information assets, products and services.  

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Have CIOs and CISOs gotten complacent? I think they have. Nearly half of IT security professionals say they think their security is good enough—but it probably isn’t. Have they really achieved an optimal risk point? I doubt it. Security measures usually don’t get better until a serious hack takes place—and those are happening more and more...