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Michael Cockrill

CIO, State of Washington

Michael Cockrill is the Washington State Chief Information Officer and Director of Washington Technology Solutions (“WaTech”). In his role as CIO, Michael’s responsibilities include overseeing the state’s strategic vision for IT, evaluating state agencies’ IT spending and major technology projects, and establishing IT policies and standards across state government.  As Director of WaTech Michael leads the agency responsible for centralized information technology.

Michael has more than 20 years of operational experience building both software and software companies in the private sector including PhotoRocket, Atlas Accelerator, Mixxer, and Qpass and also a nine-year veteran of Microsoft.  

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A role of every technologist is to stay close to the business they support so they can give business leaders the right information to make the best decisions. As the CIO for Washington State my role is no different. The overarching business...
Seamless integration and ease of access Ease in user identification and management is important for us and that’s exactly what we are looking for. With the diversity of cloud services and other online applications, providing secure, easy ID management that works across multiple applications will be critical. To serve our workforce of 40,000 plus state...