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Mike Hanrahan

Cofounder and CTO, Jet.Com

Before co-founding Jet and leading its amazing team of engineers, Mike developed critical proprietary systems at Quidsi, Inc. Prior to making Quidsi an e-commerce success, Mike spent 15 years as one of London's premier financial technology consultants, overseeing the creation of large-scale, real time trading systems for London's largest financial institutions. He also consulted for Ireland's leading retailers. Mike takes Jet's “Trust Explicitly” philosophy to heart, priding himself on building incredible teams and watching them do great things. Mike is a graduate of the Waterford Institute of Technology, where he earned his ACA. 

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How ecommerce wunderkind has fared using Azure for the last 18 months. As one of the most awesome companies in the world (and as an Irish man, awesome is not a word I throw around willy-nilly) Jet. com had some pretty unique technology needs when starting up. I won't go into the details in this brief article, but suffice to say that Jet needed a platform...