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Moy M Chambers

SVP IT, LifeVantage

Moy M Chambers is Vice President of Information Technology at Innovative.Global. Here he took advantage of cloud technologies to build a system that could be distributed worldwide.

In the fall of 2014 Chambers when back to Consulting as President of Allspice Technologies.  Here he excelled in helping Direct Sales Companies make the big decisions.  Also focusing on startup companies to help them avoid the IT issues that normally arise.   Also, he was instrumental in migrating a major Photo Studio software company to Amazon Cloud servers.

In the summer of 2015 Chambers was once again asked to step back into the corporate side of Direct Sales.  The CEO of LifeVantage requested Chambers to step into the role of Sr. VP of IT.  Here he was responsible for all technology decisions, planning and client expectations of all software.  This included using Azure cloud technologies with SaaS twist.  In February 2016, Chambers was asked to sit on Chief Information Officer Committee for the DSA.

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