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Paul Lipman

CEO, BullGuard

Paul brings over 20 years of technology leadership experience to the CEO role at BullGuard. Paul was previously CEO at iSheriff, a recognized cloud security innovator. Prior to leading iSheriff, Lipman was CEO of Total Defense, a high growth consumer security business that was acquired by Untange in 2014. Earlier in his career, Paul held general management, product development and strategy executive leadership positions at Webroot, Keynote Systems and Accenture. Paul holds anMBA from Stanford and a Bachelors in Physics from Manchester University.

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A few years ago the cloud was a new technology model, one that generated voluminous blizzards of hype, speculation and concerns. Today it’s a widely accepted modus operandi and one that is rapidly growing from banks in Rwanda using it as a branch communication platform to global enterprises bringing together geographically dispersed employees for more effective...