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Peter DiToro

VP of Customer Services, Thales e Security

Peter DiToro Vice President Advanced Solutions, Thales e-Security. He is Responsible for the Advanced Solutions Group at Thales e-Security, Peter and his team develop custom cryptographic applications for companies around the world, perform security reviews and deliver PKI consultancy. Peter has many years of cryptographic application development experience. He founded the Professional Services team at nCipher and was a founding team member and Vice President Sales and Business Development at Digital Delivery Inc, a Lexington Massachusetts data security entity that morphed into Datum Trusted Time. Peter holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Humans have been encrypting secrets for as long as there have been secrets to protect. That’s because for as long as there have been humans, some of them have wanted access to information that doesn’t belong to them. In the digital age, this translates into data— and it’s getting increasingly harder to keep it safe. That’s why hardware...